Meera shares an open letter on her inspiration as a writer.

Dedicated to “YOU”,

Well,I have been writing for several months now and my readers are fortunately loving my work.Words and Poetry continue to be my first love as always but you know what? They still wonder what magic does the words of a writer or verse of a poet hold that touches their soul.Ok as most of the poets or writers claim their work to be fiction,even I can do so but I won’t because I admit,My creations are inspired from some real life personna around me and among them the ones who tops the list is “YOU”.I accept that I do dedicate my writings to “YOU” not because I don’t have the courage to speak it directly but because I love my words and so do “YOU”! I often think,letters go a long way in expression rather than mere manifestation of your ideas.It may seem like 90’s but yes,I do prefer letters over chats and that’s the place where you can come across the real beauty of words and the warmth of love.I do write things that resemble to the reality and sometimes I pen down the experience itself! Readers do think it’s a fiction but indeed it’s “YOU”!I have always wrote what I felt in the first place and I do call writing as my first love but you know what I have started feeling now? I think readers love the “YOU” that reside in my words and dwell in my pen and not my writings actually.Whatever is the case but even I get amazed at thought that they all love “YOU” despite of being unaware who “YOU” are!! Maybe they won’t know ever or possibly they may know it very earlier but I would continue keeping secrets about “YOU”!!

With love,