Pallavi Priyadarshini explains how To get your first 5000 email subscribers

get email subscribers

You have got it off.

You have launched your site.

Consequently, a few of the traffic trickles down the pages. However, as you peep over your Google Analytics, the sales figure isn’t up to your expectations. What could be your hack for this?

Trust me! There is one truth: email works.

According to Amazon:

 “The tech executive still has a customer-facing email address at Amazon, because hearing from consumers helps him identify pain points.”

The founder and CEO of Amazon—Jeff Bezos, himself pays meticulous observation of the emails and has integrated email marketing in their business model to e-commerce empire worth $780 billion as market capitalization.

That’s the potential of “Email Marketing”. Additionally, the relationship needs to be nurturing.

Now that you know this, but what you don’t know is how you are going to manage to get your first list of subscribers.

Here we give you the tips and tricks for getting started for  newbies:

Method 1: Give a freebie

Firstly, you need to divert your attention to creating a few freebies. Take the core topic into consideration, and you could create something informational —e-book, online course or say white paper. Also, don’t forget to give value to your audience.

You could place an opt-in widget for it in the sidebar of my blog to promote the freebie.

The call to action is of prime importance here as the element is responsible for enticing the audience to give their email address in exchange for the valuable freebie. Usually successful sites, often, conduct tests to determine the best converting design.

However, if you are starting from scratch, opt to use a design from someone that had done proper testing. Don’t forget to get permission from the designer for this—copy with permission.

Method 2: Host A Webinar

Apparently, “Webinars” are the best way to build up the list. The reason being people love to learn interactively, and webinars offer that through videos, chats and more. A perfect way to connect to the audience in a more personalized way.

So, what could be your best idea for webinars?

That could be the case studies. People learn in a more granular way if you could deliver them real-life examples.

For instance, Jon Schumacher, a webinar specialist, was able to make $13,420 from one webinar alone by creating three phases. He also noted he had an attendance rate of about 50%.

Let me show you the three phases:

  • During the pre-webinar, Jon sent auto-responders to catch interest. He did so using tools like SmartCam and ActiveCampaign
  • Live webinar: This was the standard live webinar. Schumacher included an offer in his webinar and ended the event with a Q&A.
  • Post-webinar: Schumacher sent more email autoresponders. He brought in nearly $5,000 from this alone.

Using this business model, you could be more creative in designing the phases according to your business requirement.

Method 3: Generate Lead Magnets

That could be anything that has lots of industry information. Marketing is all about keeping up with the latest trends and fast enough to implement the budding strategies. This work both for the B2B and B2C business. While businesses love to implement the strategy for growth, customers love to hear industry related stories.

The format could range from PDFs to whitepapers.

And, you want to make sure they’d benefit from this resource in some way. Give them the link to the landing page to download the lead magnet (so they will have to opt-in to get it).

Method 4: Create Evergreen Content

Creating evergreen content drags traffic in compounds over time. 

However, this is slow, but a more sustainable way to build your email list. It’s going to be a little bit slower than growing your list with a webinar or writing a guest post.  

Method 5: Write a round-up featuring experts

This approach is comparatively slow, but you are going to get quality traffic and lists for the email marketing strategy.

How do you get started?

  • Make a list of experts say between 20-100. Interview them over the core topic.
  • Each of these people will reply and explain what they do and what the benefits are. As a result, these people have an incentive to promote your article.
  • The main rule is that people want to endorse what endorse themselves for the product. So, you could insert opportunities for people to opt-in. Something like a content upgrade offer within the article.

Method 6: Use A List Builder tool “SumoMe”:

SumoMe is one of the coolest list builders. Apparently, the usual opt-in the process requires the user to click a link or CTA to initiate the process. However, SumoMe does that implicitly for you by prompting the user to subscribe to the list.

Method 7: Offer Post Specific Bonuses

The best strategy if you are offering relevant bonuses.

How does this work?

At first, identify a topic that the audience demands. Then hop on to Buzzsumo to research the most popular articles that already cover the topic.

Next, try to write an even better article and feature a bonus and other resources at the beginning and end of that article.

Method 8: Introduce A “Welcome Gate”

The concept of  “welcome gate” — a gate shown to the first time visitors, which prompts them to subscribe and access the information on it.

You could install a welcome gate over your root domain.

Method 9: Landing Pages from blog posts

Are you a big fan of Ramit Sethi? Take a look at his innovative strategies for Twitter posts

Taking a close look, you observe —1 out of every 50 or so tweets linked to a landing page with an opt-in form for an eBook or free course that he offers.

Give it a try to this strategy.

Method 10: Sticky Widget

To enumerate, if they read your long posts throughout, and a whitespace trails in the right-hand sidebar, the users are blank.

A combat strategy to this would be to take advantage of the side area, and The sidebar course opt-in works great. In light of the same, including a ’sticky’ widget setup on the sidebar is a good idea, which allows the bottommost widget to ’stick’ in the sidebar when a user scrolls below it.

That’s great.

Now, users have the option to take their time to opt-ins.


All in all, it could take a little time, but if you implement these methods to capture email addresses and drive traffic to your site/blog, you can get your first 500 email subscribers starting today. Also, it takes no time to hop up to the 5000 subscribers list figure with consistency maintenance and creative innovation.

Pallavi Priyadarshini