Piku Moment ~ Ravneet Sangha

So it’s one of those crazy days when it is so hot that even Drogon would take a day off, and my maids decide to come to work late. And, I was all heated up and had made up my mind to fire the duo that reminds me of Laurel and Hardy. Time kept on elapsing and she sauntered in with a Donald Duck gait and I asked with all my anger and the best memsahib voice, that why were they late?

The little one was hidden behind her girth and she said that she was filling water and they didn’t have a water pump to get water to their homes in the village, so that’s why they were late. The older one started telling me that she had to get up really early to store water, wash clothes, and then had to catch a breath and eat food and come and if it took time, so what. And on top of that, she had to go for morning walk, drink some water and then sit in anticipation of the royal movement. Some toilet here and there and this was in chaste Punjabi !!

I was quiet and then just burst out laughing. She told me its important to drink water so she could go and do. All of us from any strata, big or small, living in the best of the worlds or in the bylanes of the village to the biggest bungalows need to go and then only the day starts. I had to keep quiet to that one and couldn’t push any longer to why she was so late in coming to work.

Ever since that day I’ve become a bit more humane to her basic needs, they can’t afford a water pump set to get the water to her house and that delays everything for her and she has to come for work to eke out her living.
We take a lot of things for granted as things are just there, open a tap, water is running, turn a switch and electricity is running, scroll and see the world, order and things are delivered to our doorstep.  They have to still fight, strive for their basic needs and spend all their lives to just reach to a basic level and eat   But we sanctimoniously complain that they choose the wrong type of Netaji to lead our country. We are a minority who have everything going, yet we complain the maximum, and do the least to change the society or situation but have the shrillest voice to change the world. When do we start to change so that collectively all of us have water equally for instance and can go to the toilet at a decent time and not wake up at an unearthly hour of 4 am and work like crazy? Let’s divide the benefits, as no one is getting out of this life alive and none of us is taking the riches along.

I am out a socialist , nor am I asking for any favours but take a minute to think that we preach, share, post as our statuses, or put up as stories can only be held true if we started to believe, have faith and started practising what the Gurus had already laid down for us .

This divisiveness and divide and demarcation on the basis of religion is going to be an end of us.As water flows for all from the source and is for all life, let’s all change ourselves or start to.