Planning a Wedding during the Pandemic

There are no doubts that the pandemic has hit one of the biggest revenue-generating industry, weddings. This pandemic has screeched to a halt to more than a million big fat wedding dreams. Spending extravagantly is a function of these high profiles, and elite weddings. And these feed into the multi-fold growth of the wedding industry, which is right now falling behind the usual scenario. But, as they say, love finds its way. 

COVID has been reinventing operations of most of the industries and the wedding industry is not unscathed as well. Lockdown weddings are like one of a kind. The preparations are in contrast to the usual wedding preparations, but it still imparts the message of love, unity, and happiness. Mostly, it has been pinned down to the essentials, keeping social distancing in mind, but keeping the celebrations mode intact. We have seen that in the immediate aftermath of quarantine restrictions, some couples even opted for a virtual wedding through Zoom or just elope together with minimal participants for a micro wedding. How romantic! 

As the pandemic wears on, we could only come up with new creative ideas to tie the knot with our partner. Many couples have even staged their weddings in shifts throughout the day, or a different group of guests invited to different wedding events. So, without wasting any time let’s get down to know some of the innovative ideas of a wedding during the pandemic.  

The virtual reality wedding

Weddings are nothing if not hopeful and bright. Even if we do not have the desired guest list of 300 and 400, but a narrow list of only our inner circle, it is still important to live the moment. Enjoy the time of your life, happily. 

Often, in these trying times, it becomes very difficult to do the usual wedding shopping. Going from shops to shops, visiting your designers, etc., have become a yesteryear’s dream, now. This is where man’s innovation of going digital is proving to be handy. You can coordinate with your outfit & jewellery designers, and make sure the outfit as well jewellery are ready and delivered to you without any delays. You can always borrow your mother’s jewellery if time proves to be a constraint. Because old is gold, always. 

Everything else, like cakes or catering menu for a smaller group, can be easily ordered online. This is the time when you go with what you trust, rather than experimenting. Hence, go for the catering service you have been loving forever. No compromise with the food, right!  

Then on the big day, when you the smallest gathering as your wedding, you shouldn’t be disheartened at all. Because technology has made sure we can all be connected. And voila, you can have as much as 2000 people attending your wedding through video conference. Guess what, then it is celebrations everywhere – singing, dancing, drinking, and even showering virtual confetti.  Also, making sure you have your wedding at a safe place who can ensure the safety precautions is a must-have. That’s it, your magic wedding is there!

The workplace and drive thru wedding

What if you don’t want to wait for things to be surmised as pre-COVID normal, but rather be wedded like right now, this moment? What better way to celebrate than just with your work buddies, or a few of your close friends in your driveway. Doesn’t it sound intimately beautiful? 

Getting a few permissions from your office directors and building supervisors to plan a wedding in the outdoor gazebo. Inviting your work buddies to spread out in the parking lot and the outside law ensures a wider area for social distancing. You can even order a beautiful white lace adorned face mask for the bride and matching with the tuxedo mask for the groom. Indian attires can be coordinated likewise with matching face masks. The food can be arranged from the cafeteria, afterward. With everyone wearing masks, this wedding would be win-win, in terms of celebrations with your everyday buddies and with safety measures in place. 

A driveway ceremony sounds like a ‘are you kidding me’ suggestion at first. But think it through, it is one of the best DIYs if pulled off fashionably. Consider the altar (or mandap) in your driveway, surrounded by parents, siblings, and few friends. You say ‘I do’ in front of those who are part of your core. It can be a family affair, where your mother can bake the cake, your siblings can fashion bouquets with silk decorative. You can then fashion a drive-by reception, where you hand out decorated cookies to your friends, driving by all in decorated cars. 

Simplification of a wedding might seem like a far-fetched and ‘not like my dream wedding’ idea. But what matters is how big is your smile while you marry the love of your life. Having simple weddings also gives you the freedom to try out different things, like making your decorations, cake, etc. 

Wedding in shifts 

What if you can have a full day wedding? What if you can be in your wedding dress the whole day attending different guests at a different point in time? Does it sound like your dream wedding? Well, let’s discuss this plan. 

When you have a guest list of 300, but your marriage hall can only accommodate 100 people at a time due to the social distancing norms. When you do not want your wedding to be another digital wedding. When you want every one of your guests to celebrate with you, then what do you do? No worries, we have a solution. A do-over wedding. Yes, you heard it right. Wedding in shifts might sound tiring to some, but trust me repeating your vows, doing it over and over again with different guests, feels like a new experience each time. After all, the more the merrier! You can plan your do-over wedding into different time slots and the number of guests. You can either decide the guests’ slots yourself or give them options for time slots. First come first serve!  

It is actually fun to have a do-over when you do not want to miss out on the experience of a wedding because of corona times. You can get as real as you can. 

Two is new 

As surprising as it may sound, sometimes it takes only two to be as happy as a crowd. For the ones who are immune to the whims and fancies of the wedding industry, lockdown might have come as a blessing in disguise. Well, not there’s only the two of you to celebrate your wedding as you like. Order or custom make your dress (online of course) that suits your style but also does not take away the flavour of the wedding. Speak your vows, get married, and head over to a romantic date night. You, your beau, movie, and then dinner! Sounds intimate and beautiful. Staying in our own happy bubble can never be out of fashion. But don’t miss out on hiring a photographer anyways. Oh! you have to flaunt to the next generations, obviously! Kidding though, but keeping them as your own memories always will kick in those happy vibes. You can share those memories with your near and dear ones later.

Deconstructed wedding

What if you can keep celebrating weddings in different places with your partner for days, as long as you want? While quarantining with each other, you might actually realize your relationship is more than the current live-in arrangement. What do you? Well, why indulge in an old-fashioned wedding. Let’s get the wedding bands, chuck the dresses, but lest pull off a ‘deconstructed wedding’. Sounds unrealistic? Absolutely, no. But it depends on you and your partner and how much you want to try out new things. 

You can choose meaningful sites/locations in your city and ride there together. Perform a wedding ritual at all those sites, while dancing on your wedding song. It can be whatever you chose – “I just called to say I love you”, “Lost in Love”, or “Just the way you are” – anything that resonates with both of you. At the final site, you can cut your cake, toast champagne, and get yourself signed on your marriage license with your close friends being the witnesses. I am sure, this will only strengthen the bond of love beyond imagination. The onlookers will be for sure delighted to witness love unaffected by the corona times.

Weddings should always be a medium to celebrate what you have between the two of you. It should always be your choice to celebrate how you want your big day to be. Even at situations beyond our control, we can still workaround. Because my friend, love always finds its way!