The Post Picks Inspiring Podcasts: By The Book

It’s no secret that I love a good Podcast on my commute. But, with so many podcasts out there it’s easy to get into a limbo trying to find a good podcast. For us, when it comes to podcasts its all about finding a podcast that funny, creative, actionable and engaging. That’s why this week we are loving By the Book.

Featuring a chalk and cheese duo Jolenta Greenberg and her friend Kristen Meinzer; they always keep it real. But they make you for real LOL. Besides, you grow to like their supportive husbands who briefly feature in the podcast.

For me personally, self-help books can be quite a bore, dragging on and on about a point. to give you an idea; I have been reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg since the start of 2016; if I recall correctly. Another reason why we also love Blinkist. Going off track sorry.!

The Podcast not only summarises the self-help book but the duo also tries the life advice from the books and share their experiences of the same.

Here are the reasons why we love By the Book Podcast:

1. They Summarise the Book: The duo summarises the pertinent points from each self-help book in one episode. This is great if you like me don’t have the patience for non-fiction books. They break the book down and present the key findings from the podcast. If you like what the book has to say you can obviously buy it.

2. Their Pragmatic Approach: They then apply the advice from the chosen book for two weeks and share their experiences of the same for two weeks. I particularly enjoyed the first episode about The Secret when they did affirmations and created a mood board. I have always been intrigued by The Secret but never really read it because
(1) I didn’t like the cover (I know, I know don’t judge a book by its cover)
(2) its seems a bit bogus like the emails that you get about winning a million dollars. Nonetheless, the duo persuaded me to create a vision board and read affirmations daily because it had a positive impact on their lives. Well, I am yet to create a vision board. But, we will keep you updated.

3. Authenticity: The other reason we love By the book is due to their authenticity, they record mini audio diaries throughout the podcast. They get emotional and they share surprisingly authentic experiences which are great as a listener because it really reminds you that at the end of the day, we are all human. Seldom, certain podcasts can be dominated by larger than life figures; By the book is a refreshing take.

Last but not least as you would expect from two comedians it’s hilarious that will make you laugh while other people who are sitting in traffic will look at you like you are a goon.

Let us know what is your favourite podcast.