Positive Thinking and Mental Health- Divya Dhakoliya

Mental health is that aspect of our life which doesn’t get much attention from us. mental health includes our psychological, emotional, social well being. It deals with how we handle stress, deals with others, and make choices. talking about recent times, people are focusing towards their growth, they are being more productive, they are building stairs in the direction of their success. Everyone enjoys success and bonus points but this success brings pressure on our mind. Pressure of more productivity, pressure of be on top and we always take pressure of becoming more fruitful. More pressure on our mindset brings more stress and negativity. 

Thoughts play significant role in our mental activity. Thoughts produce feelings. These thoughts can be positive and negative in nature. Negative thoughts arise when we fear. Fear of not performing good, fear of the inability to cope. When we give more time to overthinking negative feelings or thoughts are tend to follow in. fear of the future and fear about present can lead us to negative thoughts. 

It is very important to deal with negative thoughts and by dealing it means bring positive thinking and positive thoughts. A positive mindset gives more confidence, reduce hypertension and stress related disorders. Positive thinking helps people to see best in themselves. It means viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light. Positive thinking does not means ignoring negative feeling it simply helps individual to pact with problems of life in a correct or appropriate way. 

There are certain ways through which an individual can achieve positive mindset. 

  1. Stop self-negative talk
  2.  Laugh more
  3. Start your day with positive affirmations
  4. Write atleast one page of journal 
  5. Find positive friends and mentor
  6. Exercise and meditation
  7. Focus on present.

Through all these actions one can transform their negative mindset into the positive one. Positive thoughts effects mental health in a positive and a good manner. If our mental health is in peaceful state we can be more efficient without taking unnecessary stress, we can cheer people around us and we can look towards the more bright side. Mental health and positive thinking goes together. If one is balanced then other will automatically follow it. We need to find good in ourselves. We all are unique in our own way.

“mindset is everything”