Re align yourself for the year 2021, leave behind the energies of the past and welcome new beginnings by Arpita Bhandari

Article by Arpita Bhandari, Life Strategist, Transformation Facilitator & Founder of Arpita B Design Studio

The pandemic has ushered us into a constant state of uneasiness. Who would have predicted at the beginning of the year that the world would be experiencing an onslaught of unprecedented uncertainty, disappointment, isolation, stress, fears and grief. Many of us feel a struggle with the “daily drudge” of living. This situation was never seen by mankind. Could we ever imagine being confined to the four walls, which is now all your world? Life was a mix of work, family, social life, traveling, etc which is now restricted. Shared below are some mechanisms that will help you in realigning with yourself and leaving behind the past while you gear for 2021.

Remember, positive thinking elevates and energises you to progress rather than being captured by the negative thoughts and feelings which drains you.

Cordial Relationships during COVID-19:

By being confined at home do you think  it has been a struggle to cope with  relationships at home? Listed below are some measures that can be effective.

  • Set a daily routine. Wake up and go to bed at the same time. Our body loves a routine.
  • Quality of sleep greatly affects your mood and physical health. Try getting unbroken sleep.
  • Look for ways to help your partner, especially if you have children.
  • Find time to connect at the end of the day. Although you’re home together, you may be working and not seeing each other during the day.
  • Take some time out and appreciate each other’s efforts.

Financial insecurity during COVID-19:

The fluid situation that we all are stuck in has magnified financial insecurity. A threat which is becoming a bigger problem than the virus itself. Are we battling a war of thoughts within ourselves, questioning life itself? What can we do ?

  • Limit and plan your expenses by being mindful and aware of the current situation.
  • Prioritize debt.
  • Create a budget to manage your expenses well without fear or guilt.
  • Create a vision board of how you wish to manoeuvre 2021 with faith and belief.

Health concerns during COVID-19:

COVID-19 has got the world trapped in their own mind space, with all fighting the virus mentally, emotionally over and above physically.  Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health conditions in the world, and often occur in combination. Suddenly all health concerns seem to have intensified in our minds, making us fearful of being vulnerable to this virus. What can we do?

  • Take care and be more aware of your emotional state.
  • Make time to connect with your inner self by meditating or seeking help if needed without feeling judged.
  • Say goodbye to social media which can make you question yourself in many ways when in a negative space.
  • Create a heavy routine for yourself which is an amalgamation of meditation(MIND), physical exercise & healthy eating habits(BODY).

Basic tips:

Use these tips to stay positive, grounded, and calm. These simple steps can drastically improve your Mind-Body.

  1. Avoid over thinking what will happen.
  2. Take care of your inner self.
  3. Journal down how you’re feeling.
  4. Plan your finances.
  5. Adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

These practices will not change anyone’s circumstances, but they can help us  to welcome the year 2021 with a positive vibe and enthusiasm. Time heals all. Embrace the time and yourself to live a life which you deserve the most.