He who must not be named By Ravneet Sangha

Dear Darling Indian Janta,

This is an open letter to you in regards to the main subject these days , no not covid or the vaccine for that we have crossed the barrier via clapping hands , lighting Diya’s drinking enough kadhas to drown all . I think distinctly we are all a shade of yellow thanks to the haldi we have had . But this is not even about the two obnoxious , nauseating actors who have tried to speak about the  subject , who have made fun of us and of our culture by speaking funny Punjabi .I don’t even wish to talk about these two bits who are deluded and so misinformed and are power hungry . This is about the subject that should not be named . You know we cant talk about it . Lord Voldemort is a sobriquet for Tom Marvelo Riddle , a fictional  character in the Harry Potter series and was known as He who must not be named . There we were talking about him being the worst villain aka the evil wizard who was taking the world to the dark side . Here , its about what there is an unrest about . You know why those lakhs of farmers are sitting on the border who wish to fight for their livelihood. I feel , you all have forgotten that it cannot be downloaded or bought  in a can or bought from Amazon . Deliveries that are made to your doorstep , are grown in a field .You know the land that is owned by marginal farmers , who till it , grow it and harvest it ; its an expensive process , then only the grains and the food that you consume is grown . I wished covid had taught you that we need good food to build and boost our immunity , but right now a section of the public and society is thinking its taboo and its who must not be named  .Meri, pyaari janta , its not downloaded via google , its not available in a sack but grown . And people who grow it are called farmers . They don’t want the laws simple as that ! Why would you enforce the laws without consulting the specific party ? Even when we go to the hospital , we are asked to sign a form that tells us that we are agreeing to the operation and it can go either way . A NOC its called , so why not with the farmers ?It so happens that the farmers have been misused all this time because they were manipulated, used for votes ( happens everywhere ) and are never consulted .If we can eat their food three times a day and sometimes we eat 5/6 times a day thanks to the new fangled diet why cant we give them subsidy and a coverage?When would you eat food that was downloaded and available in binary numbers of 0 and 1 . Even for pooping , you need food and that is grown in a a live , to be touched and felt field and not on FarmVille.Why as citizens of the country who have given the world Green Revolution , milk Revolution and Jai Kisan slogans now shying away from helping them?Yes ,we are distinguished by our wrinkles and callouses on our hands and the flowing beards but the solidarity shown at the protest by every farmer cannot be divided into Sikh , Hindu or Muslim .The hand that feeds the nation need not be named but it needs to be recognised . Do not get duped into labelling us as terrorists , or dividing us you different religions. Yes it was started in Punjab , because we were being affected but it the most , and we all got together to fight against it in a peaceful way and it’s become the largest protest ! From letting it be fiction start naming the problem , its all about the food , which we need three times a day and for that you. Need to thank a farmer . 

Aapki dost,

Ravneet Sangha

Ps :  The ones who must not be named are dimwit and nauseating and for reference for coming generations are allied Kangana Ranaut and Payal Rohatgi.