Republic 21 by Ravneet Sangha

I am an Indian , a Punjabi and a patriot , through and through .. No one can defend India more than me , my chest ain’t 56 inch and don’t even a badge or a certificate or a medal to say that I believe in the this magic that is India . Who gives one the authority to say they are Hindustani or not? My grandfather came from Pakistan and the roots are deep here . Today is Republic Day and I love watching the parade and the salaami and the tableaux .However , today was level infinity of Jumanji ,a sea of humanity was marching towards Delhi and wanted to hold a parade parallel to put a point across that the farm laws should be repealed . I don’t need to repeat what we are fighting for . The entire contingent of Kisans cannot be divided into Sikhs , Hindus , Muslims and cant be geographically alienated from each other all came together to proceed with complete instructions and routes and medical aid and instructions . I started the  day , proud ,excited and cried when I saw the jazba of the old men walking , they were full of vigor and josh  and wanted to walk and show and be heard to the deaf government who refuses to listen to them .What did they come across ? They came across barricades , blockades to stop them and not let them pass and then tear gas shells . The farmers have sat in the  blistering cold , lost co farmers to cold and to ailments and have been subject to continuous harassment by their own state and government and sections of society who probably associate a Sardar with being a terrorist or is a Khalistani wanting to carve out his own nation . How many times does he prove his nationality ? The arm chair activists sitting in the comfort of their homes watching a sold media that is just worried about licking the arses of  the masters and not about the real portrayal cannot decide nor be the judge or make a statement as to what has happened there.One needs to be clear , there was no Khalistani flag there , the Nishan Sahib was put on an empty pole , the tricolour was not insulted , nor taken off nor was their any abuse. All was fine , till the lathicharge was started .Violence was instigated , brute force was unleashed . What do you expect when all this happens?When we can unfurl the Nishan Sahib at our regiments, have it flying high at our Gurudwaras , how does it become anti national when it is hoisted at the Lal Qila? Isn’t that ours ? A symbol cannot be anti national . When we have proven ourselves time and again across centuries, tine and space where our Gurus have laid down their lives, martyred themselves for the good of Hindus and the country , why are we drawn into this conflict again?Don’t get drawn into this , we need to stand tall , stand united with the farmer who sits on the border asking for just a right to earn his livelihood without taking away ad imposing laws and regulations ,that will choke him.