Shudda, Cudda, Wudda, If Only … By Amy Goldberg

Does it, did it take you a long time to cut through the bullsh*t of life to get to your real truth? Are you even there yet? Do you know what that looks like, feels like for you?

I don’t believe that many of us have NOT given any thought to our lives and where it is that we’re really going. After all, “The Walking Dead” tv series had to have come from something!!!??? 

We start out in life with all kinds of confusing messages, and an unclear idea of what it means to be us. if we did know, perhaps ideas were put into our minds by others and we hadn’t given it any further consideration.

How we lead our life now is based upon many different configurations and sequences that we’ve experienced thus far. Are they the right ones for us? Did we choose the path that was best suited for us?

Experience and an understanding of human behavior tells me that we’re not there yet. We need to think through, pivot, then action something other than what’s occurring in one or more areas of our lives. That’s not easy, as we first need to identify what that is.

The truth that we believe to be true, the truths we tell ourselves, and more importantly the truths that translate into our actions, well there’s a disconnect for a lot of us.

Ego plays a heavy hand in this. Our truth is misguided when our ego rears its ugly head. Why? I believe that we get really confused with what we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing, and what society ‘tells us’ we need to be doing, and then, what it is that we know to be best for us. 

We’ve been so conditioned since youth that it may be that we don’t have the ideas nor the words to articulate what it is in fact that we want. We may have a feeling about something. Typically, a feeling that just doesn’t sit well with us. We’re not sure why, and yet we do know that it feels lousy.

If we can’t articulate what it is that we need or want, it’s difficult to then ask for help, and there lies the struggle. If in fact we did know, often we keep quiet as we feel we may be judged unfairly. 

Our brains work overtime talking us out of a lot of things. A. Lot. Of. Things. Not to mention the constant limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves, as we say: “No, I can’t do that.” Our brains still function as if it’s protecting us from dinosaurs. Our survival instincts are something entirely different now. Maybe even harder?! 

The decades go by but we’re still of the mindset of old school thinking. Technology hasn’t changed the way we think about working. It’s certainly made it easier, and yet we’re still functioning in our own confinement and routine-like structure that either we or others have created for us.

The misuse of leadership and the fact that we even need to talk about how to become better leaders is upsetting. The fact that we need to discuss being kind human beings to one another is unsettling. The fact that we don’t truly know ourselves authentically is sad. Could it be because we haven’t taken the time to better understand ourselves, and in turn we “take it out” on others?

It takes awfully strong humans to be able to manifest what it is that one knows to be true … and then, action it. 

The shudda, cudda, wudda in our lives happens when we’re ready. Truly ready to say; PAUSE. I need. No. I must know me. I must be me. I must lead with my truth and not fear that there will be horrible consequences. 

Given what I’ve said, I am optimistic that we will take the time to create space for ourselves and trust that we can and will lead more thoughtful, caring lives. Because, at the end of the day; guess what, there will be – for every single one of us.