Social bashing vs social distancing by Ravneet Sangha

What would happen if desi politicians spoke nicely to each other ? Would democracy fail? Will they lose themselves or maybe if they minded their Ps and Qs they might , just might help the failing GDP. The nonstop personal shots , the mud slinging carries on and they shout at each other at the top of their voices.
Every day I sit in front of the idiot box ( that’s why its named such) thinking that I would hear something good and some enlightenment that how we would get out of this predicament of the grim scenario . During the news hour the opposition is more worried about whether the CM is out of hibernation from his farmhouse ? Is it because they want a personal tour? It is said to be tastefully furnished !
Why do you shout so much? It’s not the opera , its not as if you would be the next Domingo . Using slogans to incite ,instigate each other and the continuous twitter war isn’t befitting . You’ve got the Chinese sitting on your shoulder ready to invade us any moment , and all the national television channels show is the suicide angle of the deceased actor . Yes, it was a sad moment that cant be quantified but the media circus that we have made out to be along with the voyeuristic tendency of ours has made it as if we are waiting for Rhea to finally spill the beans of the next orgy she has planned complete with sex, drugs and rock and roll.
Why do we not let the judiciary decide who killed him or whether it was a suicide?its as if the journalist and newscaster all have their views just to prove that their channel has finally got the secrets to El Dorado.
I feel as a citizen we have a moral responsibility towards to the country and ourselves to act responsibly and not act as if we are here only for the #hour run of the movie and then we go back to our homes lulled into false security that the danger is not ours to see. This is not the world of Harry Potter where we cant speak about the Lord who must not be named its us ,the public .
My maid , gave me the best home truth , she says hum logon ko Covid nahi hota ( we dont get Covid ) , hum log bachpan se haath dhota hai ( we’ve been washing hands in childhood ). It was the proverbial slap , as we worry about the pandemic arming ourselves with pills, Kadha, medicines and sanitisers galore .
This holds true on all accounts , the proverbial washing of the linen in public . She really laid bare the reason of covid and in other ways of everything in life . Our habit or ingrained attitude to wash everything in public and forgetting to take care of our own persona hygiene is making us reach the plateau of having the highest jump in Covid cases. We need to check on ourselves and not worry so much about the next person and what is happening .This homily by Heera is the benchmark , they’ve been washing hands for always , and we are a fault by acting hoity toity , and feeling as if we are blessed by the God’s just because we can afford the medicines , pills its not a shield.
Wash hands, wear the mask and move on from the social bashing that we all love to do . It is social distancing and not social bashing that the doctor recommends.