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I am Ishana Passi and I am 21 years old and currently pursuing my under graduation in London. During the lockdown I decided to pursue my passion for food and launched my food blog – Spoonful Stories.

Growing up in Chandigarh and being surrounded by the Punjabi culture, I am most passionate about food. And from there grew my love for food! My time in the kitchen has always proved to be therapeutic and exhilarating. The kitchen is your canvas to be creative and productive. Spoonful Stories is a tool to help you enjoy the process of cooking and reconnect with your loved ones over delicious and healthy food.

I started Spoonful Stories as a personal blog to share my sweet and savoury recipes with all of you and most importantly celebrate life around the joy of cooking and eating together. From there on I launched Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Stirrers which were a huge success and then there was no looking back. I now have a wide range of products. Starting from 4 different flavour granolas, granola bites, summer cooler and cookies! All my products are sugar free, preservative free, gluten free and the cookies being vegan too! 

My aim is to create wholesome and delicious snacks that are 100% homemade! Our products are handmade in small batches with great attention to detail and love. 

For me, the kitchen has always kept me grounded and centred. Ever since I can remember I have loved cooking and baking but never took it seriously. Cooking for me is therapeutic and calming. 

I began cooking with the intention to cook for others in my family, and little did I know that we would start sharing heart to heart moments at the table again. In my family, we always took eating together for granted. I realised it was my joy of cooking a simple meal that would bring everyone together and make it for the best and therapeutic eating. Every time I would cook, there would be a sense of excitement in everyone to share a meal together. 

Sharing a meal together can be a reason to take out time for each other from our busy schedules and talk. It is cooking and eating together that brings us closer in such complex societies today. The art of cooking is what sets us apart as humans. Food is one of the only universal topics that can bring together people and be a conversation starter.

Thus, I decided to launch Spoonful Stories as a resource for you to connect with your loved ones through the joy of cooking and eating over the table again! 

I truly hope you find here recipes and snacks that will be nourishing, fun, tasty and bring all of your loved ones together and that Spoonful Stories will be your first stop when you need a recipe to celebrate togetherness and food! We hope our products bring you the same happiness as we put into making them. 

Ishana Passi 

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