Success is relative by Jyoti Kerkar

Success is not the ultimate goal in life, it is how you face the failure and go on which makes life beautiful. When in school we had a story in our radiant reader with a Moral to it, A king realises he is losing the battle and runs away from the battlefield and hides in a cave, he is filled with self-pity and suddenly he notices a spider trying to spin a web , the spider falls more than hundred times , but he does not give up and finally he spins a beautiful web. 

The king realises what was missing to succeed. So what is the moral of the story, Try, Try and you will succeed. Yes, you always need to give a wholehearted try. But do not waste your efforts once you know that you are running after a mirage. The goal for achieving was not wrong but in the days you spend trying to achieve it you may realise that now it is not necessary. 

It’s like the half-filled glass, yes that must be the capacity you have or the achievement made be happy that you gained the half glass , now concentrate on the next step in your life . Scientist have found that animals, trees, and other forces of nature are more receptive to the law of wasted efforts. Do you know half the eggs of the fishes are eaten, half of the baby bears die prematurely, most of the rain falls in the oceans and most of the seeds from the trees are eaten by bugs.

Its only we human beings who think a few failures and there is lack of success, but like I said above try, if you do not attempt to do anything about it, success will not come and pat  your shoulders. Shri Krishna in his Bhagwat Gita has said success comes to those who try.. 

Everything in life is achieved with dedication, understanding that success is not a free life without any work or pitfalls, it does not come free, you need to give a lot of yourself to climb the ladder of success. It is necessary to go beyond every stage where your efforts were wasted and looking forward to the next stage.

So don’t count your failures, call them stepping stones towards your success. I have read that lions succeed only in a quarter of their attempts they make for hunting, which means they fail 75% of their attempts and succeed only 25% of them, despite this small percentage shared by the predators they do not despair and continue their pursuits and hunting attempts. This is not because of their hunger, but the inbuilt mechanism in animals to know the “Law of wasted efforts.”  Beautiful isn’t I loved this so sharing.

You always need to be inspired and motivated, every step in your life you wont find anyone motivating you, as each one has their own life to live. Yes, but you can get inspired by people who share their success stories. Today you find them having the life sorted, but to come to that stage each one has to go through a trying time. Do not complicate your life , remember you are what you make yourself, live your life, you are a unique one, do not try to live anyones life. You don’t know what they are facing and what is their life struggle is. Just live the moments don’t go in search of something and you lose the time you are living at present.