Tea flavours by Zodiac ~ Manali Debroy

Tea is known to have multiple health benefits due to its medicinal properties. Back in history tea was also known as the elixir of life, as best described by the classical Chinese philosopher Laozi that tea is ‘the froth of the liquid jade’. Tea indeed has a phenomenal soothing effect on your body, mind, and soul.

There are innumerous blends of tea that not only a tea lover but anyone who wants to try would fancy indulging in. From rich black teas to light and fruity notes, tea comes in all varieties and aromas. But what’s your flavour? Ever wonder which tea matches your zodiac? Whether you are a dreamy Aquarius in pursuit of something delicious to get your head out of the la-la land or a sassy Scorpio looking for a blend as tangy as you, let us find out the ‘tea for you’ in this piece. Following up as a second edition to the ‘What’s your coffee – by Zodiac’, here we will discuss what tea flavour does your zodiac sign implies. Keep reading to find out what tea to sip next.

Aries – Black tea with a zing!

Brave, enthusiastic, motivational, and strong! That’s the best way to describe an Aries. A real go-getter and always willing to lend a hand –you’re everyone’s superhero. Give your inner superhero the blend of black tea with notes of cinnamon and cardamom. Mixing and swirling these spicy flavours with black tea is sure to satisfy the taste buds of an Aries.

Taurus – Tulsi flavour

Taurus is patient, determined, logical, and complacent when it comes to life. Being friends with Taurus is like snuggling up in a homemade quilt on a cold winter night. Hardworking yet calming, romantic but not frivolous – it’s no mystery why your easy-going nature pairs so well with the Tulsi blend. Tulsi tea helps to calm your soul and is exactly like Taurus’s demeanour – strong-headed yet feels comfortable and soothing – like home. This blend suits a Taurus very well.

Gemini – Green tea

Geminis are vibrant and expressive communicators and collaborators. They are flexible, quick-witted, and always looking for a little excitement in their life. This exotic blend of green tea with lots of health benefits gives the tea an earthy flavour that a Gemini would love to indulge in.

Cancer – Masala chai

Cancerians are homely and love maintaining comfortable and calm surroundings. They have a sensitive, nurturing, and loyal side. A nice warming masala chai tea would be the perfect blend for a Cancerian to try and warm up with their loved ones at home.

Leo – Citrusy blend / Fruity zinger

Bold, original, and charismatic, Leos love luxury sprinkled with a touch of drama. A big ball of radiant sunshine, the life of the party, basically a super social creature of nature. That’s what is a Leo! A citrusy blend or a sangria/fruity note blend tea would be perfect for a Leo to try out with their social circle.

Virgo – Blend of lemongrass, apricots, honeybush

Practical, courteous, meticulous, and reserved. Does it ring a bell? Ofcourse, it does, if you are a Virgo! A no-nonsense blend of lemongrass, honeybush, chamomile, apricots, marigold petals, and rosehips is a perfect tea to help Virgo focus on the day ahead, but also full of antioxidants.

Libra – Jasmine Tea

Libra is the most balanced of all the zodiacs as the name suggests. Libra thrives on harmony and cooperation, always seeking a sense of peace in life. Delicate and balanced flavours like jasmine tea is a great choice for Libra.

Scorpio – High caffeine tea (Berry flavour)

Spicy, sassy, and a little badass-y, that’s how I describe a Scorpio. They are ultra-focus and most intense of all the signs. They work hard to reach their goals and have a never-give-up attitude. A berry flavour black tea blend with high caffeine offers a rich flavour that no Scorpio can deny.

Sagittarius – Earl grey with Vanilla crème blend

Sagittarius is known for being the most adventurous sign. With your fearless demeanour, you’re sure to accomplish your wildest dreams. An earl grey tea may sound a bit traditional but with a blend of vanilla, crème, raspberry it will be perfect for a Sagittarius who is always up for the next adventure.

Capricorn – Oolong Tea

Capricorns are the planners, structured, and organised. They achieve their long-term goals by working smarter and not harder. Tea with some brain benefits to give them that upper hand in achieving their goals is something a Capricorn will love the most. Oolong tea will be perfect for them to try.

Aquarius – Cinnamon apple / Hibiscus blend tea

Aquarians are real brainiacs and love having intellectual conversations with others. They are also problem solvers and use innovative solutions to make amazing changes in others’ lives. Hence, an Aquarius would appreciate a tea that has a flavour of philanthropy and innovation in it. Black tea with notes of cinnamon apple or a hibiscus tea blend will be great to try out.

Pisces – Chamomile tea

Pisces are truly intuitive and they love nothing but to have some alone time to daydream and come up with creative ideas. These compassionate dreamers value peace and wellbeing, seeking to create an environment of sanctity. Chamomile tea with notes of cornflowers, orange, and grapefruit will be a perfect blend for Piscean to try out.

Hope you enjoy reading and trying out these tea blends!