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Kult is a unique product discovery website for makeup and beauty. It is distinctive because of its artificial intelligent based Q/A quiz bot, allowing its users to get the best-personalised products for their skin type. Moreover, its price comparison feature allows you to buy products at the lowest price available online, in addition to 10% cash back on every purchase. What more could a girl want! The Kult is well placed to give our readers advice on best beauty products. So here is their advice on the best makeup products out there for your next beauty haul. Also features additional beauty tips. We asked the Kult the Best Beauty Products India
What are your 5 best long wearing lipstick recommendations?
What are your 3 best foundation recommendations?
What makeup trends do you think will dominate this fall?
Nude is the new Black! Different shades of nude have entered into the makeup world and they are definitely here to stay! From formal office look to the subtle classy look, nudes have got it all covered! So, according to us, the Nude trend will dominate this fall.
What’s an underrated makeup tip?
Well, we think the usage of ‘Corrector’ in daily life is very underrated. As this gives you the most finished and blemishes free glow without using too much product overall. Every girl should start using the right corrector according to their undertone.
What are your favourite nail paints?
What is a beauty bag must have?
A beauty bag must consist of the essential mainstream products such as :
  • a BB cream
  • a moisturiser
  • a kohl pencil
  • a lipstick of the applied shade
  •  a mini highlighter
What is the best makeup product on a budget?
Well, there are many products under budget. Hence we have listed out a few here-

Net Worth of the above products is Rs. 1000/- which any girl can create a makeup kit for herself, having all the branded items.

What next for the Kult?
Along with the eCommerce platform we are also building video content in the beauty sector by making How-to-do tutorials, beauty hacks and Indian celebrity inspired looks.
It helps in finding the right products using the proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence technology behind and assisting in how to use via engaging real-life
video content. Hence Kult is the only website guiding you for ‘what to buy and how to use’ in the category of makeup and skin care.
Our mission is to demystify the beauty industry, combining consumer trials with the vast knowledge of our expert panel to filter out the braggers from the gems that do what they say on the tin. The result is a beauty hall of fame you can shop in the knowledge that anything you buy will be outstanding.
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