In ancient times, countries were oppressed and mankind suffered based on their skin colour, their religion or their castes. As times have passed, we have all learned of the ill ways of the past and how humanity has suffered. However, while we are aware of the Post, Tolerance is ever less existant now in 2018.

Yet in 2018, I think human beings and even less tolerant of one another based on several attributes. Brexit, Donald Trump and many other occurrences in modern society prove that the human race is less tolerant than it has ever been. Immigrants in United Kingdom, for example, voted for Brexit because they are tired of an influx of immigrants to a country once they immigrated to themselves.

On a more granular level, people are more worried in general about other progressing because we think now there is less in the world for us. The growth of terrorism shows how intolerant mankind is and the world is the most intolerant than it ever has been.

We humans need to collectively embrace kindness, acceptance and supporting others to make this world a happier, kinder and more tolerant. Today, try and do one thing for another without any expectation of a rewards.