The Color, Effects

– Banani Das Chowdhury

If you and I look through the “prism” of this being, our sight might sense the dispersion of colorful light in it. 

Color is never blind for each one of it paints this life. 

If I rewind back, when was the first time, it strike in this soul that color has the effect upon us! 

It was then when I was pursuing my masters in media studies, when we were given an assignment to write. 

It was like, take a “color” of own choice and write a story of your own imagination upon it. 

Then the color ‘Black’ came to my rescue!

What made me choose ‘Black’ is to write it in “dark ink”.

Most of us might have had this perception about the color ‘black’ related to negatives. 

Why it’s called ‘Black’ Magic, ‘Black’ out and something called ‘Black’ day?

How about if your parents saying it to you don’t wear ‘black’ on this and that day or any day for those who can foretell your future suggested to abstain it for your ‘own good’? 

Till that assignment which I finished to write on, I had this pre-conception of ‘black’ being ‘block’ in my mindset. 

So the story I weaved in the imagination I wrote of was of poverty, hopelessness and death!

But this assignment of the class became a lesson for life. 

The resistance towards ‘black’ resulted into the ‘love’ for it. 

“Black’ became a color of mystery, attraction, boldness for me.

Apart from this class assignment incidence, watching the film ‘PK’ (2014) also made me introspect. 

The “color’ effect upon PK, (a character, portrayed by actor Aamir Khan) , the  the film showcasing those scenes in which there were- varied connotations of the color “White” and “Black” amongst different faiths!

Once in a social media account, I came across a question (in general) what the color Pink is for us and what I read in the comments, it made me introspect on how the same color’s meant different for different people.

The color Pink , being one of mine favorite list, especially for it brings innocence, associated with babies and all the cute stuffs! 

It also brings a soothing approach living life through a vibrant outlook.

What’s the color Green means to most amongst us? 

Environment, nature and the likewise!

You might have come across the slogans like “go GREEN”. 

For me, ‘green’ also means peace, health, positivity. 

Looking at nature, like most amongst you, I too get peace. 

‘Green’ is health for me. 

How many times I have had and still do hear my mother nagging me to swallow ‘green’ vegetables for ‘good’ health. 

Ofcourse ‘green’ for me is also a go ahead sign.


Its hard time to cross roads in the streets as well as in life, something called this ‘green’ light brings a ‘relief’ both in ‘traffic’ point in the streets so also in life the ‘color’ green brings for me this kick “Green Signal”!

“Yellow” meant for me ‘pause’ – perception from ‘traffic’ signal.

But at the spiritual level, the feel of devotion and purity, the very colour brings with.

Also it’s a color associated with “friendship. 

‘Blue’ for me is ‘sea’-deepness, the beaches, the sky ,it brings peace as well and so also it widens the horizon of this mind and gives the kick to think deep blue and breathe free.

Once, my cousin came home wearing the color ‘orange’, she told, her mother told her that she was looking as a ‘saint’.

The very perception often gets associated with all the colors as such.

While to the color ‘orange’ it also means that fruit “orange”.

Well, remember this song “Gerua” came (from the film ‘Dilwale’ 2015), giving that feel that not only ‘red’ but also  ‘gerua’ aka ‘orange’ is also a color of ‘love’!

One of mine friend’s favorite color’s ‘White’, for her it brings peace and white for me is ‘clean’ transparent and expressing self.

Then this color ‘Violet’ makes feel romantic per se not just about ‘that one love’!

‘Brown’ for you if its coffee, it’s for me is yummy ‘chocolate’, so this color makes me feel good.

Grey for me- Childhood memories, per se our school uniform, grey skirts and ofcourse the school phobia. 

But growing in wisdom,

 The color ‘grey’ I find is about being ‘honest’. 

For most of us are made up of the ‘grey’ matter I feel, for hardly’ I am a saint’ or ‘you are a thief’, ‘we are humans’, a combination of ‘imperfection’, isn’t it?

‘Red’, this color also has so many connotations. 

If Red means “love” to you it might mean “anger” to me and “loss” to another. 

‘Red’ is ‘heart’ and it ‘feels’ ‘love’.

But other time, it makes the feel of being stuck (“traffic signal” ‘red’ light). 

Red brings the feel of ‘blush’, of ‘anger’, of ‘pain’, of ‘desire’ , ‘danger’, of ‘sweetness’, of “the wedding feel”, even “festive feel” sometimes and the likewise. 

Its like,

Colors as rainbows paint our thought processes. 

Every color brings about a magnetic appeal, while the perception might be built up from our field of experiences but the ‘color’ has ‘that one effect’ upon us.

Think today what each color says to you.

 And … 

Be Colorful!