The creative mind is a product of the space you live in!

 BY- Arpita Bhandari, Design Energist, Interior Designer and Founder of Arpita B Design Studio

A creative mind is often understood as the one that perceives information, precisely from its own surroundings and applies it to its experiences and existing knowledge with the intention to create something new. It creates solutions to the problem, finding ways of expressing feelings and responding to situations, enabling others to get inspired and motivated. It is a product of when knowledge is utilized to its fullest potential. It is an ability to be able to embrace the clues in one’s surroundings and turn them into meaningful outcomes. Individuals with a creative mind are able to draw from a vast sea of experiences and knowledge with respect to the context in hand and are able to turn most situations in their favor.

Creative energy is a driving force in enabling a creative mind. It’s an intricate force of energy and isn’t easy to define. It’s at the core of all creative tasks. Creative energy empowers one to break all boundaries once the energy starts to flow and ideas begin to unravel. Creative energy flows through almost anything that we surround ourselves with. One such pivotal aspect is our surroundings, the space we choose to live in. With the advancement in technology and as societies have progressed, we tend to spend most of our time indoors. The space where we spend our time plays a crucial role in our psychological well-being. Factors such as lighting, visuals, scale, colors, acoustics, configurations serve to bring about a substantial amount of energy that further shapes an individual not to mention the spectrum of feelings and practices it brings along. 

The space an individual chooses to inhabit makes a significant difference in his/her life in terms of well-being, efficient working environment. Therefore it becomes imperative that creative measures and designs are taken into consideration according to the psychological and social needs of the occupant. Several studies have demonstrated how having specific geometry of the space you occupy, has a direct effect on your subconscious mind. This contributes to your perceptions and emotions through certain parts of the brain which reflects in the interiors of the space. 

Visualization is a powerful tool that aids mind exercise and unleash its creative side. It prepares the subconscious for a greater and better life. Creating a vision board is one such method of enabling visualization. Through doing so, we make our vision more fluid and offer our mind something very concrete to attract as well as to work upon. As we understand how our mental space stands in its direct proportion to our perception of physical space, it’s crucial we implement this understanding in order to achieve the goal of a creative mind. Hence, the more likely expansive is our sense of space, the more we encourage our creative mind to produce innovative and useful concepts, services and ideas.