What’s Your Coffee? (by zodiac) ~ Manali Debroy

 An early riser, a night owl, or a ridiculously effortless multi-tasker – everyone needs a pick-me-up! – even if you are just lazily tired. And let’s all agree, coffee is always on our mind whenever we need something to wake us up or pick me up. It’s the most acceptable refreshment drink idea when you decide to meet up with your friends for a lazy afternoon or catch-up with an acquaintance. I would like to think of it as a magical potion – precisely like what Hermoine creates that changes a person. Well, let’s not be that dramatic! But, it for sure uplifts your mood – be it the caffeine – or merely the coffee flavour.

Keeping the love of coffee in mind, you would agree that we can’t just go and drink any coffee flavour recommended to us by someone. Often, we find ourselves in the dilemma where we knew exactly what we wanted to drink before stepping into the coffee shop or rather before looking at the coffee menu. Suddenly, the recommended flavour starts fading off, and we start exploring the coffee menu thinking about what will I like. What if I say that it is written in your stars. Will you believe me? Ever wondered we might all have a flavour that suits our zodiac? No, yes, maybe? Well, one way to know. Let’s discover together – the cosmos have you covered. In this piece, I will try my best to recommend a coffee flavour by each zodiac sign. Let’s discover together then!

Aries – Macchiato

Ambitious, dynamic, and driven, Aries has the strong will to be number one in everything they do. These attributes tend Aries to gravitate towards warm, energy-boosting drink with a kick. One of the most active signs in Zodiac, they have zero tolerance for anything (or anyone)holding them back to reach their full potential. A macchiato will suit an Aries better than other flavours. That first sip of espresso will kick your efforts into high gear while the rest of the drink helps you keep up with the fast-paced, go-getter lifestyle you lead.

Taurus – Frappe

Savouring and tapping into their senses, Taurus is a perfect blend of practicality and idealism. A frozen frappe is right up their alley – being sweet – and coming in an assortment of delicious flavours – Vanilla, Caramel, Pumpkin spice, Fruity, and what not! This speaks of your reliability (of caffeine boost) as well as the innate presence of spiced sweetness (different flavours). Frappe mirrors your talent of creating melody from friction.

Gemini – Flat White / Flavoured Cappuccino

Gemini – a sign that is said to have equal parts, will appreciate and enjoy a flat white, which is made with equal parts microfoam and equal parts espresso. While keeping this in mind, Gemini is also a socialite. The knack of making connections with a long lost friend or just someone you met over varied topics makes you like cappuccino with flavours. A cappuccino is strong yet not like a macchiato and adds them with flavours (vanilla, mocha, etc.) makes it a blended combination to enjoy it while being social and keeping it sweet and upbeat!

Cancer – Cold Brew

Loyal, protective, intuitive, oversensitive, moody – Cancerians are this and more – creating a home wherever they go. The method of cold brew, i.e., mixing ground coffee with cold water, is in itself very intuitive – not just for its easy to make – but it can be stored longer, and the flavour never depreciates. Cancerians being intuitive themselves appreciates the fact that this altercation of coffee is just as important and delicious as the regular hot coffee.

Leo – Cortado

Bold, original, and charismatic, Leos love luxury sprinkled with a touch of drama. They are queens/kings of cosmos (like the jungle king/queen). They know all the latest trends, and hence a cortado suits Leos the best. The cortado is an espresso cut with a small amount of steamed milk – a trendsetter for people who are serious with their coffee choice – and being all trendy about it!

Virgo – Drip coffee

Virgo’s possess well-rounded traits. They see things from a practical, logical, and analytical point of view. And, drip coffee is the easiest and practical coffee for Virgos. It does the job well without too much fuss, much like a Virgo. Bringing in the analytical viewpoint, it depends upon how they like their brew – ratio of ground coffee, water, creamer – to the point!

Libra – Café au lait

A straight-up charmer, Libra need not try hard to make a good impression. Hence, the coffee for Libra should be the one that reflects and resonates with their warm, approachable nature. The name or the sweet simplicity of it, but café au lait suits the romantic streak of yours.

Scorpio – French press coffee

Scorpios are already automatically always “on” and do not need a ton to fuel their already passionate and dynamic personality. They are ambitious and brave. Much like a Scorpio, the french press method is reliable and resourceful, and it takes significantly less amount of time than a cold brew. All these align with Scorpions persona – a no-nonsense drink – for a no-nonsense zodiac!

Sagittarius – Irish coffee

Being extroverted and always ready to party, a Sagittarius will appreciate a coffee drink with a little more personality than most. Being made with coffee, Irish cream (Baileys, Mollys, etc.) and an Irish whiskey, or an Irish coffee will be the perfect beverage to get a Sagittarius ready.

Capricorn – Simply latté

Practical, organized, reliable, and kind, Capricorns are the person everyone looks to for advice. A Capricorn is determined in everything they do, and a latté serves as the perfect sidekick to help them work their way up. Capricorns are like the classic latté – they get the job done – and they get it done alright!

Aquarius – Affogato

By nature, an Aquarius is already progressive and independent. An Affogato seems to be the perfect drink that matches their style and attributes.  It’s a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or “drowned” with a shot of hot espresso. This is a coffee drink that is not only original but also unique.

Pisces – Chait tea latte

Affectionate, wise, empathetic, artist. Pisces traits are also considered “soft” and gentle. A Pisces will appreciate and love the blend of flavours and the creative mix of flavours that this caffeinated drink has to offer. Not to mention it’s delicious both iced and hot!

Hoping this cosmos coffee breakdown helps in your pursuit for that perfect cup of coffee!