Winning over depression and anxiety~ Anurag Mishra

Depression. Anxiety. Setbacks. Low phases.

We all have faced some or all of these in our lives, with varying extents and durations. Few people succumb to these, while a lot of people battle out of it. The latter, return to being happy, moving on to a state of well-being.  Some derive strength from within, while some seek out to others for help. It’s a long and arduous process. But do we celebrate this extraordinary journey of ‘moving on’?

‘Moving on’ is not considered as fancy as you are returning to the state of normalcy. And normal can be boring. But this feeling of conquering-your-demons can be the foundation of your future successes and happiness.  In this ballad, we celebrate ‘moving on’ through the journeys of five protagonists who have seen many storms and bravely moved ahead. Dropping out of institutions, being a rebel although from humble backgrounds, facing perennial anxiety,  having responsibilities of adulthood and having sensory disabilities have not stopped these people to carry on and win in life. Different obstacles, grit alike. This song has a multitude of emotions – uncertainty, release, happiness.

About Anurag Mishra

Anurag is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai. He is an independent artist spreading a social message on depression through his music.