World Chocolate Day – Zodiac Signs as Chocolate Deserts

Trust me; when I say this – if someone says, I don’t like chocolate, run. Excuse the slight exaggeration, but there is a chocolate for everyone in this world. Celebrating world chocolate day, we have created this list of signs as chocolate desserts


Conformist, stoic and lover of all things traditional, nothing beats a good old chocolate doughnut for a Capricorn.


Sociable, ethical and friendliest of all the zodiacs, you love a decadent black forest cake. Go, on treat yourself!


Lover of water and equally you have many layers to your personality but when it comes to desserts you love a nice rich chocolate cookie.


Aries are traditionalists when it comes to food. They love indulgent but timeless desserts such as these chocolate brownies .


You are ruled by the earth and the goddess of pleasure. A decadent hot chocolate but earthy is your beverage/dessert of choice.


Symbolised by twins, sometimes you embody a slight Jekyll and Hyde persona. You change your mind often, so these chocolate cupcakes are amazing as can be eaten any time of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner? Who knows where the day will take you!


You dear cancer are in touch with your feelings. And this chocolate dessert is bound to have you feeling some type of way.


You love everything extra in life, so why not your chocolate dessert. A decadent chocolate cake is your chocolate dessert of choice.


We all have a Virgo friend who is a perfectionist and meticulous in everything they do. Gah, who said this article wasn’t biased. You love luxury, so these chocolate truffles are your dessert of choice.


You, my dear Libra, are super charismatic but love balance. Which is why we have picked the humble chocolate bar as your chocolate dessert of choice.


You don’t like doing anything by half measure so why should your chocolate dessert be any different. Your desert of choice is a triple chocolate cake in keeping with your personality.


You Sagittarius love indulgence and opulence. So you don’t just stop at chocolate – you add cheese and your dessert of choice is chocolate cheesecake.