World Environment Day ~ Vartika Rawat

The 5th of June is coming, does it ring a bell? Well I guess most of you will not remember. What is so special about this date and day? Let me tell you, June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day. Now you know it, don’t worry you are not alone if you forget about it, there are a lot of other people too, including me(Ironic, isn’it?). Although we do not think about our lovely environment all the time, once a year all the brains in the world tend to concentrate on it. We talk about various issues regarding the degrading health of our environment. Mankind has also experienced a lot of troublesome phases of intense climate change and many other things. But what about it? Even after everything that humanity has witnessed throughout the course of history, we are still not serious about it. All the time we hear about the making of new organisations, signing of treaties and a number of meetups where all the influential and small countries discuss this problem. But have they actually done something? Are the plans they have written and explained thoroughly giving us some real results? 
Every year it’s the same, burning of large scale forest, drastic climate change, increasing illegal poaching cases, illegal trade of animal goods in the black market, melting of snow which eventually leads to rising in ocean water level which ultimately causes a disharmony among the aquatic life. This all leads to one thing that is the imbalance in nature. We read reports daily in newspapers and magazines but we never really care about it. Think about it, when was the last time you seriously thought about this problem? 
Maybe when you are at school preparing for a speech on this topic, making a presentation to show to the class and get a good grade. Or like me when I have to write an article about it… Nothing really changed, we still don’t care about the environment. We might talk about it a little in our family discussions but that’s it. I think it’s high time that we change this mindset. This environment is where we live, just think for a moment what will happen if it is harmed to the point it cannot be reversed. We will cease to exist. Hopefully it’s not too late, we can still do at least something! So why not search for ways to save our environment and get some real work done when you are just aimlessly scrolling through the internet. After all, it is our home.