You Are How You Act By Amy Goldberg

Think about it. How you act is how you are. Act as if you already have what you want. Watch what happens. If you want to be in love, then act as if you’re already in love. If you want to succeed in something, act as if you’ve already succeeded. You will start to do things differently. Observe the actions that you take.

Why am I telling you this?

Typically, we rely on, and look to others for how we should act. Maybe it started when we were little and our parents directed us on how we should act, behave and basically, be in this world. At least at the beginning when we were too young to think for ourselves. I believe we may have kept some of these traits. And perhaps, how we look to others before we look to ourselves.

To illustrate this example. Have you ever walked into a room, looked around, and connected with people where they smile at you and you smile back? You’re getting a sense of the room, the vibe and the energy of others. You’ve set yourself up for a good experience.

Exact same scenario however you walk into the room, look around, and yet you’re not feeling that great about yourself. You rushed to get there, you tried on 10 outfits before settling on something that doesn’t fit well. You get a sense of the room, the vibe, the energy and yet it doesn’t feel quite right. People look over at you, and you look back and think; “What are you looking at?” Your smile is nowhere to be seen. You’ve now set the tone for a ‘different’ kind of experience.

Here lies the truth. How you show up and how you act in every single situation, scenario, experience sets the tone for everything that you do: The choices that you make; The actions that you take (or don’t take); and your all-round disposition. There’s a lot going on in that blink of an eye!

So why not make the best of it.

Show up like an athlete. Train your brain and body for action. Visualize the outcome that you want. “Act as if.” It’s incredible how 3 little words put together can have such an astounding outcome IF you “Act as if” you want it.

We get so wrapped up into thinking that we’re not good enough, when in fact we’re probably not giving ourselves a fighting chance. We’re relying on old tapes that are playing on repeat in our minds. Press STOP. And DO NOT PRESS PLAY unless you’re ready for real play.

To play an active and positive role in your life. To Act in a way that resembles a kind, grateful, energetic, positive, action-oriented human being that is ready to thrive rather than just survive. 

Your actions start with you. It’s not easy when you’ve conditioned yourself to not show up in a way that will best serve your positive self.

How about we try it my way this time. Start acting how you want to be treated, Start acting as if you are the most incredible human being on this planet. Watch what happens. You’ll start to see a shift. This shift not only serves you for the better, it will act as a catalyst where others will follow this stream of positive consciousness. I kid you not.

It’s not WooHoo, It’s Wow.