Your Health Is A Direct Line To Your Bottom Line ~ Amy Goldberg

COVID-19 has given me much pause for thought over the past many weeks. We’re obsessed with our health right now, and rightfully so, and yet I’d like to ask …. Apart from self-isolating have you started to make any changes to your selfcare routine? You know, eating healthier, exercising every day, meditating, and by that, I mean not zoning out, but zoning in. Are you getting a better handle on your emotional well-being? What does that look-like for you?

When a situation presents itself, no, wait, not just presents itself, brings life to a halt by introducing a frightening pandemic, one would ask oneself; “How well am I taking care of myself IF this pandemic never happened?” Why does it take a pandemic for us to even consider our health habits? I equate this to knowing that smoking is horrible for you; is cancer causing; shortens your life expectancy, but you smoke anyway.

It’s not the lack of discipline that makes it so difficult for us to make changes, it’s our decision to want to make the changes in our life. Our thoughts and limiting beliefs are what mess us up. 

Consider this …

How we thrive within our everyday life is a direct coalition to how we’re thriving in our business. Our health contributes to a healthy bottom line.

It does beg that question: “How are you thriving physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, professionally, and holistically in your life right now?” And more importantly how important are any of these to you? Truly.

For the most part, we KNOW what’s good for us. It’s not always easy, in fact for some it’s near impossible to adopt a healthy lifestyle as we tend to be nearsighted when it comes to our health. We tend to think: “I’m fine,” until you’re not. Then what? We start to care. Why get to that point?

In order to function effectively in our life both personally and professionally we can get a head start by making healthier lifestyle choices. Consider that every time you focus on being healthier you think more clearly, make better decisions, have the strength, agility and resiliency to take on more … our immune system gets stronger to better wade through any storm. We are clearer in our determination to adapt and adjust. We can then walk with stronger bodies and minds relying more on our abilities to thrive.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s to be more aware of our health, and actually do something about it. We have choices. We tend to choose the path of least resistance, and yet admire trailblazers and those who are thriving in their self-management. And yet, guess what? That can be YOU! Say the word and take the first step … 

We know fundamentally that without our health we have nothing. Let’s turn nothing into something. If you need help reach out. You’re not alone in your journey.

We all have the ability to be more, do more, see more, experience more, challenge ourselves more. 

Go do THAT more …

I have a call to action and that’s for YOU to ACTION MORE.

It starts with you and yet I’ve got your back if you need help.