10 Subscription Boxes to Try This Summer ~ Manali Debroy

If I ask you to go bananas this summer, you will snap back at me saying, ‘Hey! The heat is already killing us. Why go bananas?’ Well, that’s true, but I have some fantastic goodies that come at my doorstep to make me feel good, pamper me the most and scare away the heat of this scorching summer. Subscription boxes!! Yes, you heard me right. Today, we are going to talk all about the subscription boxes that you can try anytime, but especially in this summer. I have handpicked 10 best subscription boxes for this article, which I love the most.

Love, hygiene, happiness, relaxation, gorgeous skin, happy tummy and what not! Subscription boxes are not just limited to magazines or articles now, it has gone beyond and further. June is the month when you see the last bit of summer’s scorching heat peeling away the energy and the happiness of your skin and your soul. You do not feel to engage in most of the activities that you otherwise love, like shopping for makeup, clothes, etc. Subscription boxes, not only make life simpler but a lot happier. Packed as a bundle of joy, they are a treat in this summer and beauty to unbox.

So, let’s not waste more time and dive into the ’10 best subscription boxes’ that make life easier and happier this summer. It’s splurge time and let’s go bananas!

1) Cure.fit

Food is always ‘the most yearning’ craving, and you can never ignore the foodie in you. A happy tummy is a first and foremost box to check when you are looking to refresh your mood. And it is vital to eat right this summer and not indulge in junk cravings and unhealthy foods that spoil your mood and agility all together. So, let’s eat right and eat fit this summer. Cure.fit offers the best food subscription boxes that will keep your mood refreshed and your tummy happy and light. Keeping your health in check plus enjoying finger licking food in summer, without compromising in the taste is what cure.fit meals offer. The meals are delivered every day at the chosen address and they claim full flexibility on this, which means, you can anytime change meals, delivery address, time or even cancel the meal for the day. Isn’t that the best thing? No obligations! You get a full refund for any meals you cancel, credited to your account at the end of the subscription cycle or adjusted against your next billing cycle. Finally, auto-renewal options are available for the weekly/monthly subscription. There are good discounts on subscriptions as well. So, grab your healthy food subscription box only from eat.fit from cure.fit. Download their app or check out their Instagram handle @becurefit

2) The Shades of Spring

The lilacs touched my eyes,

kissing me by their purples;

and the yellows brighten my day,

with the pop reddish orange

  infusing the fervour of new energy

 and positivity inside me.

Just in the morning when these arrive,

filling my world with the fragrance of

happiness, joy and love!’

The subscription box from ‘The Shades of Spring’ makes you feel exactly like these lines. Ferns n Petals and GetFlowersDaily are more like the national alternative option for flower lovers. Flowers are the best form of positive energy that you can infuse in your home, as well as in the minds of people living around you. Flowers are the natural ways of refreshing your senses – the soft and bright colours lift your mood and are treat for sore eyes, the mild beautiful scent of the flowers relaxes your mind, and the touch of those soft petals and leaves takes you to a world of euphoria. Corner of the home or centrepiece of your table or any other place, these gorgeous flower arrangements will surely pep up the ambience of your house and bring praises to your home styling flair. It does for my home, and I am sure your house also won’t go unnoticed!

Bangalore readers should try the shades of spring flower box, as they come at an affordable price – INR 229 per box, with an option to choose your frequency (weekly/monthly) and duration (once in a week or once in two weeks or even once in a month). Head here to order your first box.

National readers will find both Ferns n Petals and GetFlowersDaily as good options. Ferns n Petals make every occasion count and as well as daily flower boxes. Head here to grab your boxes. GetFlowersDaily are another alternative that even provide flowers for pujas at home. Click here to grab your first box.

3) The Bookbox

‘Books are the best friends of a man.’

True, true and true! Nothing can beat the smell of new books and the fragrance of the words that lead to a beautiful story seeping into your thoughts and imaginations. And what best when a curated book box is delivered at your doorstep, without the hassles of going out to buy books or surf books on online stores, that takes hours to go through, and sometimes we end up being tired and give up the idea of finding a new book. They have a new theme and a new book every month, so rest assured that you won’t be bored or outdated any time with their subscription. The most basic subscription box starts from INR 599 only! The book also comes with some goodies in the box. So all you book lovers, don’t get tired of this summer, but order your book box and read a new bestseller today. Make the most of your summer time!

4) Stylecracker

‘We help you look your fashionable best at all time!’

Yes, you are right; it is the Stylecracker subscription box that claims this and even makes this happen. They have celebrity stylists that put together a box full of apparel, bags, footwear and jewellery – all based on your preferences, styles and requirements every six weeks! Do you hear that? I mean no pain of going to the malls and surf through hundreds of brands and then maybe select a few clothes, bags and accessories. And here, you get curated box of all these and more by top stylists of the country with the best and fantastic part being – delivery at your doorstep! You get all this at just INR 1,999 per month, and there are easy exchanges as well if there any fit issues or you do not like the style at all (the chances are low by the way for this). Go, grab your box and make the summer look gorgeous and super stylish!

5) Fab Bag

‘The best of beauty in a monthly bag.’

The bag claims this and believes me they do deliver the message very clearly. They are a team of beauty experts who curate and pack three or more products of the associated brands like Wella, Victoria’s secret, Remy Laure, The Body Shop, etc. Working women today do not have time to take care of their skin, hair and makeup all the time. But they do need the extra care to keep themselves looking gorgeous and healthy. The hand curated products by Fab Bag comes in handy. They work hard to send the beautiful and working women of our country a delightful bag, delivered at their doorstep every month. Their subscriptions come at a very affordable price of INR 599 per month, and it gets better and sweeter if you go for a three month or a six-month subscription. I would advise you to try out for a month and then go for the longer subscriptions. Trust me; you won’t regret it! This summer don’t look patchy and tired, look radiant and gorgeous all the time. Beat the heat with the upbeat fashion heat! Check them at Instagram @thefabbag

6) BeingJuliet

‘For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.’

Said by the great Shakespeare, relates so much with the modern day Juliet also. Not just the pains of love and heartbreaks, but the PMS and menstrual cramps suck the life out of the beautiful Juliets for those painful five days of a month. How many times have we all heard this sentence, that has become a phrase now, ‘Oh! Never mind my anger; it is my mood, Steve. Because it is that time of the month.’ Why make that time of the month sound like a burden or an inevitable phase? Why not just be ourselves even then! No pain, no cribbing and no mood swings. Well, here comes a box that delivers essentials and goodies for your that time of the month and makes you feel relaxed and happy. Say bye to the irregular mood swings and frequent pains. Do not worry about your boyfriend or your husband not goodi-fying you during that time, BeingJuliet is there to love you and pamper you precisely during that time. Sit back and relax, enjoy your everyday activity, just as healthy as you be at other times. Grab your box now for a monthly subscription of INR 899! Do not forego this fantastic box. It is undoubtedly going to lighten up your mood and lift your spirits. Check out their Instagram @beingjuliet

7) Fab box

‘Medicine is not healthcare. Food is healthcare. Medicine is sick care and its time we see it for what it is.’

A borrowed thought from the Fab box – a mission that they rely on and is hopeful to be followed and adopted by everyone. They claim to be India’s first healthy snack revolution company. Healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be yummy, but it can be delicious. A healthy snacks company, whose primary motto is to change the common notion that healthy snacks are boring. They deliver a world full of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door step. Snacking has never been so deliciously fun and naturally smooth. You can customise your boxes as per your choice and preferences. The outcome is mouth watering snacks and a healthy body. As they say, never compromise health for your food habits. So, why not adopt healthy food habits, which are tasty and you don’t have to compromise anything to have that fit body. So what are you waiting for? Head straight to their Instagram account @fabbox.in, check out their menus and get yours. They have good discounts and other offers, so do not hesitate to order your snack.

8) My Envy Box

Let’s talk luxury, shall we?

And what best to get your luxuries packed in a box delivered at your doorstep. My Envy Box is an Indo-French company that brings you the best of luxury beauty in a monthly box. Their monthly boxes are all packed with five or more international luxury beauty brands (makeup or jewellery) delivered at your doorstep with a subscription of as low as INR 850. They run loyalty programmes as well – the envy points, which you can redeem as well on their store. Beauty brands like Balmain, benefit, Bottega di LungaVita, Calvin Klein, Chloè, Estēe Lauder, etc. are all packed in a beautiful luxurious box and delivered at your doorstep only for you at twelfth or fourteenth of every month. Do not wait long; just go and grab your box now and luxurify yourself. This summer be uptown! Check their Instagram account now and order your box @myenvybox_india

9) The Nature’s Co. BeautyWish Box

This summer, immerse yourself in the goodness of nature. Nature’s beauty box is precisely the stop that brings you a step closer to nature. Take the first step towards a non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty routine, and subscribe to Nature’s beauty box. Prep your skin for the summer and the sunnier days with the beautiful and natural beauty products from The Nature’s Co. Curating boxes as per the season is the best thing I love about them, apart from being the fact that all products are organic and very soft and natural on your skin. The products used are cruelty-free, vegan and of best quality from across the globe. They believe that natural lifestyle is the healthy lifestyle, and hence their nature exploration has led to the creation of five ranges Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark. Go, check their products in Instagram @thenaturesco and grab the summer BeautyWish box at the best discount and rate you can even think of – Mini Box at INR 695 and the Luxury box at INR 845 only! Give yourself the nature boost and hydration this summer.

10) PoSHn Superjuice

This summer hydrate yourself, not with carbonated or sugar-filled drinks, but with only organic, natural and energy booster. A 100% natural energy drink with no added sugar, dairy free, non-carbonated and non-GMO, that just reenergises and recharges you from within. Yes, this is what PoSHn superjuice does to our tired mind and soul – relax and sip it. They blend imported fruits, herbs and flowers from different parts of the world and pack it in a bottle of love, happiness and purity. They have a subscription box, packed with four PoSHn energy drink bottles. The one time purchase cost as low as INR 340, monthly and weeklies are very affordable as well. Nothing better than hydrating yourself with a box of tasty, juicy and healthy drinks in this scorching heat, that too delivered at your doorstep. Please check their Instagram account @myposhn for more details and do not lose this opportunity to indulge yourself in organic and healthy drinks this summer.

With this, I hope you love all the subscription boxes and enjoy the summer with all these goodies. Happy 2019 Summer to all The Post readers!