10 scariest movies of all times

True ghost stories to gory slasher movies — prepare for many sleepless nights with this truly scary movie list! Whether you are spooked by haunted mansions or little girl ghosts or even a true ghost story, this list has horror classics as well as recent releases that will make you break into a cold sweat! 

The Blair Witch Project

This spine-chilling movie revolves around the footage found in the belongings of three film students who had gone in the woods to shoot a documentary. The ending is chilling and till date the viewers ask the question – Does the Blair Witch really exist? 


A must-watch if you love haunted mansions, this movie is a diabolical family drama with many spine-chilling moments.  

The Conjuring

A complete horror package with jump scares, possessed dolls, a haunted mansion and a revengeful ghost, The Conjuring is actually inspired by the true experiences of a demonologist couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Grudge

Creepy sound-effects, a spooky atmosphere and a story of despair, this movie is all about the curse brought on by the murders in a family. *You have been warned: Do not watch it alone or sleep with lights switched on forevs.*

Paranormal Activity

A spooky, spooky flick! This movie revolves around a couple who set up cameras in their home to document paranormal activities…and end up finding something more sinister than just a poltergeist!

A Tale of Two Sisters 

Not relying on jump-scares but pure mind-twisting, this slow-paced movie is about a sordid family secret and a plot-twist that will chill your bones.


A loose yet super-scary retelling of a real-life event when a young girl gets possessed after calling spirits using an ouija board.  

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 

This old but gold slasher movie has given many millennials many sleepless nights. The tale begins when a group of friends take a road trip of sorts and end up staying in their friend’s family home where all mayhem ensues. You know a horror movie is really good when it’s been banned in several countries like this one!

Get Out

Not a spook-fest, but a good story nevertheless! 

The Maid

Some gore, a tale of revenge and the usual poletergeist activities, this Thai horror movie is worth a dekko!