Decor trends to look forward to in 2022

When you have a home that serves your lifestyle for years to come, choosing a décor theme can seem a tricky task to tackle. According to me, an elegant home is typically full of subdued colour and well-placed accents throughout, weaving a contemporary note that gives a special character to it. 

In 2021, there was a lot more ‘at home’ time and though décor trends are always changing, the focus should be to create a space that is flexible and versatile while not compromising on the luxury of design.

With people being more mindful about interiors and with the increasing focus on emotional and mental well-being during the pandemic, Krsnaa Mehta, Founder and Executive Director at India Circus, a Godrej & Boyce Venture, an omnichannel home decor, interior, and lifestyle accessories brand, thinks the trends will align more towards creating a space that celebrates individuality and uniqueness. He shares four trends in decor that will take over 2022 and are here to stay! think the trends will align more towards creating a space that celebrates individuality and uniqueness. 

Be mindful about how you decorate your home 

The objective while decorating your personal space should be to create a space that fosters a true sense of comfort and happiness every day. Choose things that will lend your home a unique look. You can do this through some interestingly shaped accents or displaying collectibles from your world travels.

Bringing outdoor inside your home

Since the pandemic has minimized our ability to travel and experience things we love, why not just bring in a reminiscence of a favourite holiday place into your home. Something like pretty wallpaper, that draws inspiration from the synergy around your beloved vacation spot. 

A décor update for your ‘home cum office’ space 

With our newfound agility of working from home, carving out some time to design a workstation you love should be a top priority. Whether it’s replacing the work desk or storage pieces that keep clutter at bay, make sure you love each and every piece you choose. 

Focus on functionality

Blend function and beauty in your home. I feel a functional yet stylish home will be a growing trend for the coming year. With homes being required to meet multiple needs, you should say goodbye to those formal dining tables you use occasionally. Pick furniture pieces that are flexible and multi-purpose. Spaces that are functional and that reflect our personalities will gain traction in the years to come.