10 things to do before 10am

At the Post, we believe good habits make a great human being. Here are 10 good habits to include in your daily routine before 10am.

10 things to do before 10 am

1. Do not Snooze: Snooze is the devil. Make sure you wake up when your alarm beeps, get up and get going. If you find it hard to wake up then we highly recommend the Phillips Wake-Up Lamp/Alarm to make it easier to wake up in the morning. It also helps you feel fresh each morning. Now, when you wake up make your bed. The rest of the list of 10 things to do before 10am cannot be accomplished if you snooze.

2. Meditate: In the morning spend some time meditating to get clear focus and intention in your day. One way for anyone who is new to meditation is to use guided meditation through an app like Headspace. Our editor has already spent 800 mins meditating this year.

3. Set your intention for the day: Create a list of priorities and things you want to achieve that day. Make sure you include your health goals and some treats for the day which can be some R&R by the telly. This way your day starts with a clear focus.

4. Exercise: We find a great way to boost creativity is through exercise or get a clear head. It’s also a good way to get inspired or think about a problem. Moreover, it is a great way to boost endorphins. Plus, your body will thank you in the long run for taking care of it.

5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast: Another thing that we highly recommend is eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. Our go-to is chia seed pudding and the best part is you can prep it ahead of time. Combine one cup chia seeds with some maple syrup and coconut milk and leave overnight in the fridge. Set in small jars and top with berries or freshly cut mango in the morning.

6. Spend time on your personal goal: Now your personal goal may be to spend time with your family or to start a blog or write a book. Ensure you spend some time on your personal goal, in the morning. This crucial if you work a full-time job because chances are when you return home you won’t have this morning’s energy.

7. Learn Something: Knowlege is Power. A great way to start the morning is to learn something. One way to ensure you learn something is to read a few pages of a non-fiction book in the morning. Or you could learn a course on Skillshare.

8. Read the News: Another great habit is to read the news in the morning. It not only gets your mind going but also ensure you are abreast of all the events of the world. This is a crucial habit for us in our 10 things to do before 10am

9. Tidy/Clean up for 20 mins: When you return home in the evening, you will feel relaxed and calm coming back to a tidy space.

10. Listen to a Podcast: Last but not least, try to listen to a podcast in the morning on your commute or while getting ready to get inspired. Podcasts are great to break up the mundane makeup routine or drive to work.

We hope you enjoyed this list. If you have any habits that you enjoy. Be sure to share them with us. If you have anything you would like to add to 10 things to do before 10am do let us know.