Vageesha Bahel Picks: 5 Favourite QSRs(Restaurants) in Chandigarh

So you all know what a restaurant is, what a bar is and what a coffee shop is. But do you know what a QSR is? QSR expands to Quick Service Restaurant. QSRs are places where you get food quickly and the focus is on quick food. Many people confuse QSRs with FAST FOOD joints, simply because quick and fast are synonyms. Also, the most popular QSRs that we saw while growing up were McDonald’s and Domino’s that have ‘fast food’ written all over them. However as the market matured, we have now so many more QSRs fighting for our attention. I want to talk about 5 QSRs in Chandigarh that are my all-time favorites.

  1. Burgrill – This has to top my list hands down. Burgrill is a Delhi based food joint that serves a large number of foods like healthy burgers, salads, wraps, rice bowls and much more. Over the span of very few years, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds. The brand has expanded from Delhi to Chandigarh, Himachal, and Punjab and has over 10 outlets in India. Why Burgrill features in this list is because while there are so many burger brands all over the country trying to outdo each other by adding more and more unhealthy stuff to their products, Burgrill is focusing on the healthy side. Each burger here is made with wheat buns and most of the patties and stuffing is grilled, not fried. Burgrill also offers protein-packed salads and other healthy options for those who want to binge without impacting their diets.
  2. Taco Bell – Now I am a huge sucker for Mexican food. My love for Nachos is eternal and I love anything with sweet corn or Mexican beans in it. Hence, Taco Bell is one place I frequent. I love the crispy veg tacos. They are so fresh and light and yet such a delight. See how I made that rhyme? That is how much I love Taco Bell.
  3. Pita Pit – A recent entrant to the Chandigarh market, Pita Pit impressed me with the range of options available. It allows you to customize your Pita and have it whichever way you like. This too offers healthy options for those who don’t want to ruin their diet and eat well. This is a brand founded in Canada and is slowly building a solid fan base in India. All I can say is, to love it you need to know how to make your Pita sandwich. There are hundreds of combinations that you can make and you are the architect of your food.
  4. Auntie Anne’s – This American brand serves yummy pretzels and lemonades and the outlet is usually conjoined with Cinnabon. The food, however, is vastly different. I love the savoury pretzels at Auntie Anne’s along with a glass of lemonade. It is one place that is definitely underrated because most people haven’t yet developed a taste for pretzels.
  5. Chaayos – Since this list started with an Indian QSR, it is only fair to end it with one. Chaayos is the brand that has redefined how we look at Chai, the staple drink of the whole country. Serving scores of varieties of Chai, Chaayos is one brand that has taken Chandigarhians by a storm. This Delhi based brand also offers a number of food items along with Chai. I am someone who does not drink Chai and yet loves Chaayos because of the quirky food they offer like the Palak Patta chaat, the Pao Bhaji and the Kulchas. It is basically street food snacky items with a delicious twist. Founded by two IITians, this brand too is expanding exponentially, yet it hasn’t neglected taste and quality.

So this was my list of QSRs that I love and haunt regularly. I am so done with the QSRs like Subway, McDonald’s and Domino’s though I enjoy eating from them too once a while. Which is your favourite QSR? Let me know in the comments below and adios till next time


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