11 Summer Styling Tips for Men by a Celebrity Stylist

11 Summer Styling Tips for Men

Summer is well and truly upon us; that’s why we have teamed up with Shritika Agarwal; a celebrity stylist who has written up these Summer Styling Tips especially for our readers.

Every season has its trends; in fall and winter, for instance, one wants thicker fabrics, darker colours, and subtle patterns. For spring and summer, it’s all about light fabrics, bold patterns, and brighter colours. It’s a season to embrace and celebrate those long, lazy, sun-filled days. It can be hard to dress for summer’s warmest days. Summer and fashion don’t always go hand in hand for men. Just because the weather is starting to get warm, does not mean that you should look sloppy. You can stay cool all while looking cool this summer. Whether you’re at the beach chilling with your friends or at a park for a summer picnic, you can still have a great style. Beat the heat, but look good doing it too with these tips.

It’s All about the Pattern and Color

You may already have a load of shirts in your wardrobe that you whip out every summer but this year, we think it’s time for a refresh. And by refresh, we mean you should liven up the colour palette and start mixing up the patterns. It may sound overwhelming but once you’ve got yourself the first one, like all good things, you’re sure to be left wanting more. When it comes to the patterns: stripes, spots and geo prints are all our favourites. Subtle stripes are an easy way to start with as you can build them into your wardrobe without having to revamp your whole wardrobe. For the colour palette, we want to see you going bright.  This can be blue and white stripes, pink tones on other pink tones or even simply a grey polka dot sequence dotted over the shirt.

A Hat works better than sunscreen

Whether you’re hanging out at the beach, in the park, or are just taking a stroll on a sunny day, a good hat will keep your face getting the best of the hot weather.

Side-Stripe Trousers

Proof that side-stripe trousers are no longer unacceptable for grown-ups was established when luxury designers went absolutely mad for them this season. There were skinny versions at Balmain, Prada showed them coordinating tops, while Valentino went straight-up retro sportswear. Basically, if you haven’t got lines down your legs for SS18, you’re not doing menswear right. Get a pair of stripes on your pins though and you’ll find the trend can go another mile or two.

The key to making side stripes work without looking like a doughnut is the balance. You can wear trainers with them, but you’ll need to add a smart knit or a slim-fit shirt to balance the look.


There’s a difference between a gingham ‘going out’ shirt for Friday night with the lads and a classic windowpane suit. We really don’t want you letting yourself down in one of those short-sleeved weekend wonders, but fortunately, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to size, style and colour this season. The safest way to make checks work for you is to try larger or more complex motifs (think heritage, windowpane, Prince of Wales).

 White Long-Sleeved Shirt

We’re firm believers that a man can’t own too many shirts, the most indispensable of the lot being a white long-sleeved version. No longer just the default uniform for bankers, lawyers and doctors, this classic piece still does mean business. “A solid choice no matter the season, a white long-sleeve shirt can take you from the office to a dinner out with absolute ease,” says the editor of menswear retailer The Idle Man, Tom Courcey. “For summer, you can always opt for a linen option for added breathability with a pair of light coloured chinos and loafers


The practical reasons for owning a decent pair of shades are obvious. But on a more superficial level, the right colour, cut and size can help bring symmetry to your face and hide crimes of excess, making them essential for summer.

“If a pair of sunglasses is uncomfortable, it’s because most are built in generic sizes for the impulse buyer,” says bespoke eyewear designer Tom Davies, who has made frames for Heston Blumenthal. “Take time to understand your features and face shape and find out which style suits you best. This is unlikely to change so doing so pays off for life.

Cotton Polo Shirt

Of all the ‘classics’ in the male wardrobe, the polo shirt arguably deserves the title more than any. A grand slam of design that has remained practically unchanged since the early 20th century, the sporting piece still refuses to look outdated when worn alongside anything from swim shorts to tailored trousers. “This season, opt for a polo shirt in pink or blue and team it with a pair navy shorts and some white trainers

White Sneakers

Trends aren’t meant to last, right? That’s why we call them trends. So how long does a piece have to stick around before it’s considered a classic? Well, we’re calling it: the white sneaker has officially been inducted into the menswear hall of fame.

“I’m not sure we can credit the Scottish actor with this trend but ever since David Tenant’s turn in Doctor Who, wearing trainers with a suit has not only been acceptable but actively encouraged,” says Bouteba. “Pick up a simple pair of white sneakers and they’ll take you from desk to dancefloor and on to dodgy chicken shop if the night goes well.”

 Millennial Pink

A new more open-minded generation of men are diving head-first into millennial pink. Millennial pink is all about the colour’s subtler guises: think peach, rose, blush and salmon.“For casual attire, look for earthier, more washed-out pinks than vibrant takes,” says menswear creative Nas Abraham, who has worked with the likes of Hackett and Adidas. “Then combine them with olive tones, warm bronzes and browns, and [wear with] pale wash jeans or denim jackets to ground them.”One of the pink’s best assets is its versatility. A fine-gauge jumper or shirt sits easily with black or blue jeans, sand or navy shorts and even green chinos. As with any brighter hue, it’s worth taking stock of your skin tone before taking the plunge. Guys with a darker complexion can wear most shades of pink, but those with fairer skin should opt for deeper variants to sidestep the washout effect


More often than not, men’s sandals don’t appear to be the kind of footwear that’s consciously chosen, they just seem to involuntarily end up attached to the sock-covered trotters of every tourist who left his sense of style at home. If you’re selective with your sandals though, there’s no need to fear to look like you’re battling a bad case of the bunions.

Linen clothes
An attractive look for men is to wear is linen clothes. The number one trend all over the world is linen clothes.   It’s perfect for summer. Linen comes from flax plants and absorbs sweat. Moreover, Linen is a beautiful piece of textile. Linen shirts with cotton pants look amazing. If you are wearing a saturated colour for your pants try wearing unsaturated colour for a top. Linen on linen looks perfect for lunch dates. Ensure the sleeves aren’t stretchy and Pants arent too tight.