12 Things to Binge Watch During This Lockdown ~ Manali Debroy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This saying has always held true, not just for a boy but for a girl as well (adding a bit of feminism never hurts). And more now than ever. This lockdown has given different people different motives. I know there is a lot of online educational website, where you can actually learn something new and even get a certification to highlight on your CV. This will surely showcase the commitment towards your career, enhancing it further but sometimes rewarding yourself with a bit of gratification is harmless as well. What better satisfaction does anything bring in a lockdown state-of-matter than binge-watching on Netflix, Amazon, and other locale video streamers. There are lots of shows, documentaries, and movies to watch and kill some time, especially in Netflix and Amazon than other online streamers. Ranging from romance to thrillers to new age drama the options are umpteen. The choice and appetite vary from person to person, but let’s list out a few shows, movies, and dramas that are both captivating as well as a perfect tool for killing time. Without wasting any time let’s dive into this list with the promise of both entertainment and fun. Keeping aside that guilt of indulging into our gratification, let us dig in.

Money Heist

The first on my list position goes to the thrill of the heist. Thriller lovers will definitely be drooling over this and this show surely keeps you captivated which makes it a worthy binge watch list entry. The show revolves around the eight thieves recruited by a criminal mastermind, “The Professor” to pull off the biggest money heist in history in Spain. The journey of these robbers on this heist is enthralling and keeps the viewers intrigued and alive with every episode. The Spanish locale definitely gives this suspense thriller drama ‘the keeping it real’ look. There are four seasons (parts) to this show till date. Start watching this if you haven’t yet, as the manipulation and mind games in this show will never disappoint you. And I am sure, I really do not need to tell you where you can start watching this show. (Only for the ones who are living under the rock, it’s on Netflix).

Money Heist | Netflix Official Site



An Israeli TV series carving out the experiences of a retired comrade in the Defense Force. It’s an action thriller drama that delivers the promise of action served with the right mix of drama. The retiring and rejoining of a man in the Israeli Defense Force because of the chaotic chain of events leading to hunting down the target and finishing the task makes the series every bit of nerve-wracking and interesting. Head over to Netflix to binge-watch this.

Fauda - Wikipedia

Stranger Things

Remember guys the Will Smith flick ‘Independence day’? Oh! And Hugh Jackman’s ‘X-men’ series? Well, ‘Stranger Things’ will surely make you nostalgic about those movies, but yet deliver so much more than that. A series power-packed with endless emotions of drama, thriller, horror, supernatural powers, trauma, and most of all friendship and bravery keeps you hooked till the end. With three seasons and a captivating story from the embarkment to the climax, Stranger Things is a natural top pick for so many categories. If you have missed it then please visit Netflix and start watching.

Stranger Things | Netflix Official Site

Prison Break/Homeland

The same old action-drama story of a wrongly convicted brother accused of a murder being saved by his one hell of a genius engineer brother. Go for Prison Break if you are one of the action drama lovers and want to indulge in the old hit series of American TV. Homeland is again one of the action drama thrillers revolving around national security threats and how the CIA solves the cases. The central character of the show Carrie Mathison will keep you intrigued by her every move. This again is one of the finished TV series. Head on to Netflix / Disney+ Hotstar to watch the seasons of both shows.

Homeland (TV Series 2011–2020) - IMDb

Friends/Big Bang Theory

American sitcom television series both Friends and The Big Bang Theory revolves around friendship and the events/circumstances that happen with them, how their lives revolve around these situations, the comic angle in each episode, and finally how they evolve. While Friends revolve around the lives of six reckless adults living in Manhattan indulging in adventures making their lives both troublesome and interesting, The Big Bang Theory revolves around four socially awkward geek friends and how their lives take an adventurous turn every time they meet the beautiful and eccentric Penny. These are both old series and easily available to watch on Netflix. Go for these light-hearted, friendship packed series for the days when you just want positivity and laughs.

Friends' Leaves Netflix At Midnight, Returns In May On HBO


‘Love can never be dangerous’, isn’t that what we have always heard? Well, this Netflix series will change all the perceptions of love for you. You will see love through a very different lens that will just not make you scared, but more like paranoid of the whole idea of someone loving you madly. What would you do for love? Did you just answer ‘Anything’? Well, let’s talk after you have watched Season 1 of this gripping series. This involved a lot of psychotic activities, romance, and a killer storyline. Watch out this on Netflix, if you can dare the lover in YOU.

YOU S2 | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

A historical drama staged around the late 1950s, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel depicts the story of an uptown American household lady having a perfect life with her husband and two kids. How she unwinds herself and takes the lead to follow her hidden talent of stand-up comedy is what makes the show appealing to the audience. From the era where a homemaker woman found difficulty to even come out of her house for a normal job like office work or likewise to following her dreams and talent of being a famous comedy artist, this show will enchant you, captivate you and 100% motivate you. Head over to Amazon prime to watch this one.

Watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Season 1 | Prime Video

Four More Shots Please

If you have liked the Sex and the city, then this mist pique your interest. A cheeky, commercial and lighthearted Amazon original series highlighting lives of four women and how they sail through their life and friendship. Head over to Amazon to watch this.

Four More Shots Please (TV Series) (2019) - Filmaffinity

Some movies to go through before we wrap up this list….


An Oscar-winning South Korean black comedy thriller film perfectly depicting the human greed and social differences with the consequences that follow derived from those is a craft and treat to watch. Hold your nerves and watch it very carefully. This isn’t any light-hearted movie but rather a very loaded one. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

Parasite 기생충 - Official Trailer - YouTube

The Irishman

This Oscar-nominated Netflix original movie is set in the 1950s era and is an American crime thriller drama movie, showcasing the story of a hitman Frank Sheeran. The Irishman claws deep into the subject which is the dark reality of power hunger. This film doesn’t glamorize the mafia violence but presents it more like a real business – where the murder of an innocent is not always a grudge but mere means to reach to the power – that’s the real world we live in isn’t it? So, watch this new age Godfather-like Netflix original movie.

The Irishman | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

The Marriage Story

What’s a marriage based on? Love, Trust and, belongingness, right! What happens when cheating comes to the picture? Does love root its ground strong enough to hold the marriage to the eternity or it shatters like a piece of glass on the balcony hit by the light breeze? Is it obvious to blame the spouse who cheated on the other or is it more? Watch Netflix’s original Oscar-winning movie The Marriage Story, decoding, or at least imbibing a thought in you on the concept of marriage.       

Marriage Story | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Hobbit

While the above movies are very engaging and a must-watch, we can never shut away from the child in us who loved the magical world of Harry Potter, Hobbit, Lord of the rings. Well indulge in your childhood and go for a movie marathon on these magical movie series, available on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Are the 'Harry Potter' Movies on Netflix in 2020? - What's on Netflix

There are many more must-watch TV shows and movies and this list can keep growing to 50 or even 100 but let’s keep it short. As the saying goes, the crisp the clearer. With this, I hope you enjoyed checking out this list and have chosen something from here to watch on the online video streaming services. Share your thoughts with me.