18 Lessons from 2018

Lessons from 2018
  1. When you judge someone it says more about you rather than the person you are judging.
  2. I learnt from Ashton Kutcher emails are everyone else’s to-do list for you.
  3. Misogyny is still vastly prevalent; behind closed doors when no one is watching.
  4. Air Quality is something, India as a nation is going to have to tackle rapidly.
  5. There is an unparalleled amount of Talent in the Indian Economy.
  6. Sometimes, doing is better than planning, discussing and contemplating. If you have an idea for a business you wish to set up or a cause you wish to support. You should just begin working on it. Often you will still make the same mistakes and learn the same after several weeks of planning. By no means, I am saying to be reckless but remember, Done is better than perfect.
  7. Mankind needs empathy more so than ever before.
  8. Personnel is the most difficult variable to control in an organisation.
  9. Selfless Kindness is the way forward.
  10. Tidying up can improve your thought process too. The life-changing magic of tidying up by Konmari is no farce.
  11. Calendar Blocking is great if you have a really busy schedule.
  12. Speech function on Mac’s can really help anyone suffering from a learning disability.
  13. Knowledge is power.
  14. Don’t give or take unsolicited advice
  15. Eating healthy, drinking enough water is more important than it seems.
  16. Sugar is really bad for you.
  17. Podcasts are a great resource.
  18. Hairspray and Makeup Setting Spray are god sent

We hope you enjoyed the lessons from 2018; I do encourage you to share your own lessons with us.

Nim x