Listen Up! It’s Important By Amy Goldberg

What? What am I talking about? Every time we listen to ourselves, we get all messed up. We start in on ourselves with negative feedback, lazy internal conversations, self-destructive behaviour and a mindset that doesn’t serve us well. 

My question for you is, where are you in your life today? Are you pleased with who you are and what you’re doing? Today. Right here. Right now. What’s holding you back? Do the conditions of your life match the expectations that you have for yourself? What kind of expectations do you have for yourself?

So many questions. And yet, do you have the answers to them? It has to start with you.

As we move into a new year, now is a great time to reflect on and yes, question where we’re at.

Consider this. Start leading your life by how you feel about what you’re doing. Start listening to what your energy is telling you. 

In my article; “You Know What You’d Be Great At? I mentioned starting an energy log. I’m a BIG fan of this as it really does move you toward an action mindset. Start keeping track of what energizes you. What excites you. Also, write down when you’re not ‘feeling it.’ When your energy is low or depleted. I bet after you do this for a month, you’ll start to see patterns. It’s a real tell. It’ll start to reveal what your energy gravitates towards.

If you’ve read any of my articles you may be asking; “Why doesn’t she let up on this? Why is she always harping on how I can be better, happier and thriving?” Apart from the fact that I care, the reality is; life throws you a lot. You need to gather information, new knowledge, and the tools needed to best handle whatever you’re facing.

Guidance to help you along the way does prove helpful. You take in what you need and discard what you don’t. That’s why it’s always helpful to gather information from many different sources. 

Sure, some of us are further along than others. I can’t say that anyone has it all figured out. Nope. We’re all humans with vulnerabilities. You need to start getting comfortable being vulnerable. This is when you’ll start to see enormous growth in yourself. Your vulnerabilities tell you a lot about yourself. In turn, it will help set you on a better path. 

The way to a happier life is to first see where you’re at right now. Does your life condition match the expectations that you have for yourself? If yes, great, keep going! If not, start to look at the changes that you can make given what you’re able to do right now. Every day you act on the changes that you want to make will bring you closer to what you want. Head toward the direction that your energy moves you toward.

Listen Up! It’s important. You’re too important to not listen to what you’re trying to tell yourself. Start listening. Then action. Then keep going.