3 natural ways to detox after a big meal by Dietician Vidhi Chawla, Founder of Fisico Diet Clinic

Great meals with family and friends are one of the most precious times or special occasions of the holiday season. But it is also true that most of us regret caving to our temptation and taking extreme action after the big feast to clean up our internal system. Here are 3 natural ways to detoxify post having a heavy meal.

1] Keep yourself hydrated- Drink a lot of water to help the body digest. It also helps flush your system’s waste and raises the metabolism. It also boosts and energises your metabolism. Add water, coconut water, and water-rich fruit to your diet. It may even be helpful to drink cumin and carom seeds 2-3 times a day. Water helps keep the liver and kidneys in tip-top condition. The body relies on the liver to remove toxins from the bloodstream and convert them to water-soluble substances that can be excreted in urine. In order for your body to work properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming drinks and food containing water. The U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine have determined that sufficient daily fluid consumption is as follows:

A] Around 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) of fluids per day for men.

B] About 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) of fluids per day for women.

2] Taking a walk and do some exercises- The importance of walking preferably two hours after a big meal was agreed. There is a general consensus. A number of muscle contractions drive food and digested material through the body. Exercise increases the metabolism, which frequently causes muscle contractions. For this reason some people feel urged immediately after the practise to go to the toilet. You don’t have to torture yourself by exercising intensively three times a day to burn extra calories you eat during the holiday season. Give your body a time to heal and take it slowly. So many workouts are stressful. If you want to work out, try yoga or walk. Walking makes your stomach empty faster, though it may not help you feel less bloated and full. However, if your stomach is emptying faster, you are less likely to have symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux. A small walk helps to lower the concentration of triglyceride after a meal, a form of fat that is retained in your body for energy. Yoga also helps reduce blood pressure, calm the cardiac speed and nerves of your stomach.

3] Eat more Fibre- Fill your diet with nutrients and high-fiber foods. This can ease the digestive process in the body and can help the detoxification process. This macronutrient actually helps our kidneys and liver to eliminate waste from the body in a better way. It encourages the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria and improves the function of the intestine barrier. So, High-fiber fruits like berries and pomegranates that are high in antioxidants; lentils like whole grains; water; green tea; green juices; lemon water—all of these can alkalize you and make you feel better.About the Author- Dt Vidhi Chawla is a highly devoted and experienced nutritionist awarded with ‘Best Doctor and Healthcare Award’ for best dietitian in New Delhi. Today, she owns a private practice by the name of “Fisico Diet Clinic” with the motto of “The groundwork of all happiness is good health”. She is specialized in controlling nutritional deficiency, weight loss/Gain, detoxification, paediatric nutrition, women’s issues like PMS, pre and post-natal pregnancy, menopause etc. She does workshops in MNCs and schools, and also has been a Judge and Guest of Honour at several competitions and Awards.