5 Essential Chrome extensions to boost Productivity

If you use Chrome, you can further improve your experience in the browser with these chrome extensions to boost productivity

List of Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

1. Pomodoro Timer – Add this helpful time to use your time more efficiently. It allows you to work in 25 min time slots and allowing for 5 min breaks each 25 mins. With this Chrome Extension, you will more productive than ever before.

2. Get the Momentum Dash Google Chrome Extension to quickly view your To Do List for the week. It also greets you each day, displays an inspirational quote and a new picturesque image each day.

3. Atomic Writer – This allows you to easily check spelling and grammar on any webpage before you publish it. This smart extension checks spelling, content for audience match and for any grammatical errors.

4. Stay Focused and Ad Block: The best way to stop nonsense distracting you, so you can get on with the important stuff that you need to without turning the internet off.

5. Save to Pocket: If like me you are always finding different articles when you should be working. Use Save to Pocket to save to read articles later.

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