4 Must try Hairstyles this Festive Season By Avni Rambhia, Luxury Make-up Artist and Hairstylist

his festive season even if your plans are only a virtual family gathering to celebrate it, go ahead and get dolled up for it! It will help you get into the festive mood.

Here are some fun and exciting hairstyle guides to help you achieve that perfect festive getup you have been waiting to do all year!

1. Voluminous Bouncy hair:

Who doesn’t like a full mane of luscious,shiny and bouncy hair?

It looks great on absolutely everyone!

Start with applying some mousse/serum on the lengths and ends of your wet hair. Then blow dry the hair with a big round brush and keep at it till your arms start to hurt a bit :), it’s worth the effort! When you reach the crown section,  blow dry the sections against gravity, to get that insane volume in your mane which will last the entire day!

2. Soft Curls:

Apply a generous dollop of mousse to the lengths and ends of your dry hair. Spread it evenly with a help of a wide tooth comb. Taking 1inch section,  curl all the lengths and the ends of the hair with a medium tong and spray with hairspray for extra hold. Once you are done curling all the hair, run your fingers through them to soften the curls.

3. Top Braid:

Start by taking really small sections of hair just above the ear. Braid it all the way taking small sections through the crown and reach the end of the other ear. Once the braid is complete, secure it with a hair tie and pin it behind the ear or behind a large section of hair so that the bobbi pin is properly concealed.  Now take small flowers like Periwinkle or Mogra, and using small sized u pins , attach them through the braid. It should look like a beautiful floral headband. Curl the remaining lengths of the hair or wear it straight and shiny, the choice is yours!

4. The Modern Fishtail Braid:

This one is easiest to achieve and needs very little time but looks like you spent a whole lot more time to create it!

Collect all the hair to one side and secure the lengths of the hair with a thin hair tie. Now taking very small and thin sections, create a tight fishtail braid and when done secure it with another fine hair tie. Pull out some sections of hair to loosen the braid and give it some texture and a slightly messy look. Attach different coloured small flowers all over the braid with the help of small upins. This will jazz up your simple fishtail braid , giving it a fun and modern festive look.

These easy-to-do hairstyle ideas will help you achieve that gorgeous festive look! 

Let your mane sparkle along with the rest of you!