Makeup Artist Bianca Louzado speaks on the Importance of Sanitising Your Cosmetic Products

Ushering in a new era of hygiene in the beauty landscape, Code Beauty offers uniquely formulated cosmetic sanitisers, brush-and-sponge cleansing soaps and anti-bacterial wipes to ensure that your makeup always feels safe. As a market leader in the field of cosmetic sanitisation, the label offers a wide array of anti-bacterial cosmetic disinfectants and sanitising wipes designed to cleanse 99.9% of surface bacteria from makeup products and tools. The brand’s environmentally conscious ethos finds expression in the usage of sustainable rPET resins for product packaging. This is further underscored by the label’s partnership with an all-women enterprise for the manufacturing of its hand-poured brush and sponge cleansing balms. With first-of-its-kind cosmetic sanitising solutions, Code Beauty is ensuring that beauty and hygiene needn’t be mutually exclusive. 

Having stepped into the entertainment industry as a VJ for Channel V, Bianca Louzado eventually found her calling as a makeup artist and she honed her skills under the tutelage of internationally renowned makeup artists like Pati Dubroff, Mario Dedivanovic, and Bobbi Brown. Here she is to share some insightful tips-

  • The new normal is to use your hand sanitiser, so is the regularity with which we must use this on one’s makeup. Bacteria lurking on the surface of makeup products is an entryway into our system and to eliminate these harmful bacteria, it is imperative we sanitise our makeup and hair tools regularly. Owing to the pandemic, it is very important that we keep viruses and bacteria at bay and hence it is essential that we do away with double-dipping as well as cross-contamination.
  • Code Beauty’s Anti-bacterial Cosmetic Disinfectant and Anti-bacterial Cosmetic Sanitising Wipes will help you do just that so that your makeup is safe to use right before it touches your skin. 
  • The Anti-Bacterial Cosmetic Disinfectant is especially for pressed powder products such as compact powders, eye shadow palettes, blushes, contour powders, makeup brushes as well as hair styling tools.  
  • The Anti-Bacterial Cosmetic Sanitising Wipes are primarily used on all cream-based products such as cream foundations, cream eye shadows, and blushes, lipsticks, lip gloss wands, etc. You almost always find your mascara wands clumpy and hence to avoid this you can use the Anti Bacterial Wipes for a quick cleanse.
  • Many of us always have our makeup brushes stored in the same makeup kit as our products which attract harmful bacteria, which eventually end up going on the skin causing acne. One must be mindful to always keep brushes and beauty blenders impeccable by using our Luxury Vegan Brush and Sponge Bath which contains activated charcoal and orange oil as well as The Apothecary Brush and Sponge Cleansing Balm containing goat milk, Bulgarian Rose, and Ylang Ylang that keep your brushes squeaky clean, conditioned and pleasantly fragrant