How to setup your first ChatBot? {Free}

setup first Chatbot

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You might want to save valuable time and resources by streamlining and automating some of your business processes. Chatbots can allow you to do just that. Whether you are looking to save customer services time for real issues or add a personal aspect to your website. A chatbot at first can seem like a daunting task. Have no fear, The Post team have found an easy solution just for you, so you can setup your first chatbot with ease. Not only is setting up your first chatbot free but also easy to use. We recommend that you start by using Dialogflow. Not only is it a Google product but it is also free and surprisingly easy to use. Besides, it comes with an array of integrations and requires no coding experience.

1. Make a list of all your FAQs that you can automate using your first chatbot

Write a list of all the FAQs that customers are notorious for ringing up/DMing or emailing you about. Examples may be where is my order, are taxes included, how much stock do you have, is it possible to get my order sooner? Now you obviously know where the customer can find this information. But, when you first setup your chatbot; it should be able to help answer your FAQs.

2. SetUp Dialogflow to setup first chatbot

Dialogflow is easy to use and all you need is to sign up. Chances are you already use Google Analytics as a business. Use the same login and get started with your chatbot. Have a read through the documentation and you are good to go. It is really simple if we had a child even he/she could set it up.

3. Program Intents.

Use your FAQs from step one to program intents and get started. You can provide answers to your questions using responses. When setting up a chatbot input some training phases for questions that your customer may have and setup responses to help answer their questions.

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4. Small Talk

Hands up if you have tried small talk with Siri. Your users are bound to call your chatbot stupid or try some small talk. Make sure you program in this small talk to entertain your users. This will also make your chatbot a bit more personable.

5. Integrations

One of the things we love about Dialogflow is the integrations. Determine all the platforms you would like for your bot to be integrated with such as Facebook Messenger, Google Assitant, Viber, Kik and much more. Now use the integrations tab to set these up.

6. Test and Launch MVP

Now test your agent and launch the MVP. You can use analytics weekly to program in any other requirements or question that come up as you go along. Our recommendation is to not get too caught up in perfection and overcomplicate your bot. Launch a minimal viable product so you can improve and learn as you go along.

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