5 Best Indian Travel Websites to use when planning your vacation

Many consumers are switching from traditional travel bookings to online travel bookings. With online travel bookings becoming more frequent, we have reviewed the top websites so you as a consumer get the best experience when you next make a travel booking. While some of the websites are perceived to be fraudulent, we will be reviewing five best websites for travel booking and deals which have earned their place as market leaders by earning the trust of their customers.

Clear Trip:

ClearTrip.com is a website which is best known for their focus on transparency in all the charges a customers has to pay. Many websites have many hidden costs which they never tell their customers about. Once the customer decides to book the services, they end up paying a lot more because of the hidden charges. Clear Trip has no hidden extra charges or convenience fee on flight bookings.

Another advantage of Clear Trip is that their website is simple, clean and user-friendly. It allows the user to get all the information without much hassle. Clear Trip is also known to provide very competitive rates when it comes to flights and hotel bookings.

While, some users have complained about the slowness they have faced while trying to browse their website. Another disadvantage is that sometimes, they don’t list all the options or airlines like the many of the other popular websites. Moreover, many users have complained about the main page of their website being aesthetically unappealing.

Make my Trip:

Without any doubt, makemytrip.com is one of India’s most well known travel portals. The main reason makemytrip is outshining the rest of the competition is their relatively cheaper rates. That’s one of their biggest advantages when it comes to travel booking and deals. They are also known for their sight-seeing options. While this option might prove to be quite expensive, it is always optional.

Their sight-seeing includes Night Safari, Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer and much more. This allows for more organised trip. They also have a great mobile phone application which has allowed users to plan their trip more efficiently. Also, their ability to listen and solve the complaints has allowed them to retain much of their existing customers.

While they have a huge inventory of hotels in their network, some of the options they provide are not that great. This has been one of their major disadvantages as highlighted by their customers. Another disadvantage is the inflexibility of bookings i.e.  is that if you don’t like the hotel they are offering, they refuse to change it even when you are willing to pay more for a better hotel.

Good Things


Yatra.com started in 2006, and just after six years, it was the second largest travel website in India. Yatra.com is known for providing new and exciting deals. They first emerged on the scene as a market leading company because of their very low booking rates.

Recently, they have launched a customer-friendly feature which is called Yatra Service Assurance. They have also launched a self-booking platform for small and medium enterprises. This platform allows companies to get corporate deals with very low or even no cancelation and rescheduling charges. The Yatra Service Assurance feature also provides a total refund, flexible check in and check out, free in-flight meals and other options like the seat of your choice. Yatra is also famous for the hype and promotions they do on their deals.

When it comes to the disadvanatges of this website, many customers have complained of the hidden costs that they had to pay for their travels. Also, many users have found their overall customers service to be unsatisfactory.


Via.com is another top website for travel booking and deals. At the heart of the organisation is their philosophy around taking the complexity out of travel bookings and bring quality and affordability to their customers. They serve over 2 million customers every day.

They have also targeted corporate clients by providing them great services by taking care of their travel needs, cost-effectively. They offer a wide range of services, and some of them are ticketing, accommodation, packaged tours, and corporate travel management.

They are highly proud because of the quality of the services they provide to their customers. This is resultant of their highly scalable cloud-based technology platform which includes 24-hour customer service center and mobile apps.

While they have claim to offer the best in class services, many users have complained about the rates that they are charged. They mentioned that the price mentioned at the beginning and the final bill doesn’t match. It is a result of the hidden charges that they have in their packages.

Travel Guru:

Last but not the least, travelguru.com is another very well known website which makes our list of the five best Indian websites for travel booking and deals. They have earned the trust of a lot of their customers since they started back in 2005. Apart from flight bookings, they have shifted their focus towards hotels.

They also offer verified homestays. So the customers who choose to get their services can rest assured to have good ambiance because they verify all their listed properties. They are known to have  their presence in more than 200 cities in India.

One of the disadvantages mentioned by their users a lot is that they don’t offer the same prices as most of the other market leaders are providing. While they have the option of offering a luxurious villa or a cozy cottage, many of their customers have complained about having to pay a lot of money for their services as compared to the competitors.

So these were the best 5 Indian websites for travel booking and deals. We hope that you will be able to make a good decision about which one to choose when you are planning your next vacation or trip.


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