Create Jaw Dropping Graphics – Free & Without a Designer {Short Guide}

Create Graphics without a designer

Are you just starting up your business? Or want to keep the costs of marketing low for your business to improve return on investment. Have no fear, we know just the solution. You may not want to invest in a designer just yet, our guide shows you how you can create graphics without a designer.

Create a range of graphics for your social media including infographics, social media content, banners for your website. All for Free. Of course not everything is free. But everything you see on our website has been created in Canva. So you can be rest assured, that we practice what we preach to our audience.

If you need some great images to go with your graphics, then visit Unsplash. We love unsplash – the images are not cheesy and have a nice urban edge to them to ensure your work is of the highest quality.

Additionally, you can customise all your designs with logos, and use a range of fonts in Canva. If you would like to use a specific colour scheme than, we have a range of tools that you can use to create great graphics without a designer.

Canva’s own colour palette generator allows you to develop a colour scheme based on image-

Top Tips for Creating Stunning Graphics without a designer

• Use an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme

• Make sure your elements are nicely aligned for a professional feel

• Don’t overcrowd your graphics, try keep simple for a better message • Get started, dont wait for the perfect idea

• Get inspired –

• White Space is your friend

• Always make sure your message is clear