8 Morning Habits for a Successful Day

Successful Morning habits

Get your morning off to a great start with Team Post’s successful morning habits. Here is our list of top 8-morning habits for a successful day.

  1. Reading: Every morning, we love reading a book on Blinkist to get us in the Titan mindset. We absolutely love reading on Blinksist. Read our Post Here
  2. Bullet Journalling: Next, our team is formulated by hardcore OTT organised people as you may have already gathered. Therefore, we love to make a list in our Digital Bullet Journal of the awesomeness we want to accomplish each day. We fill in our treat for the day, appointments, Top Three Tasks to accomplish and any other to-dos. If you want tips on how to start a bujo or download our Printable. Click here
  3. Mediate: We love to meditate and pray in the morning, It helps get the day started on a good note and no matter what the day brings; we have had a few minutes of peace in the morning.
  4. Catch up on News: Obviously, we love reading the news. In the morning, we read some articles from Refinary29, HuffPost, PopSugar and Entrepreneur.
  5. Make some Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We always make some breakfast and enjoy that each morning before we dive into work. Follow us on Instagram for our upcoming article on easy breakfast recipes.
  6. Spin Class: We frequent the local spin class every couple of days in the week. It helps boost energy and helps you feel zen all day.
  7. Podcast: On our commute, we love a good podcast; try out the Thrive Global Podcast if you want to give podcasts a go.
  8. Water: A successful morning habit, is to boost your wellbeing by drinking water. After 8 hours of sleep, your body can be a little dehydrated. Add lemon to your water to make it have a zesty flavour.Healthy Morning Habits Infographic

Things we avoid in the Morning

  • Emails (Yuck, they ruin the whole morning)
  • Social Media (we like it but not early in the morning)
  • Generally Our Phone (You can waste so much time on your phone)

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