A day in the life of an eCommerce Manager {in Emojis}

This new series, A day in the life provides insight into the daily routines of people from various walks of life. In the first article in this series, we look into the life of an eCommerce manager at a top retailer in India. This week we look into Mannat’s daily routine and get an insight into her work and the things that she uses daily.

As an eCommerce Manager, she is obsessed with technology and loves to use a variety of apps. You too may learn some useful habits to include in your daily routine.

Her is A Day in the Life of an eCommerce Manager

⏰5am: Wake up, Head Downstairs, Make Tea, Pray, Mediate using the Headspace app, Read the News, Spend 30 mins on a spin cycle, shower, get dressed, listen to a podcast (Current Favourite: Girl Boss Radio) while putting on makeup.

Minimal Makeup on work days for Mannat, chuck on some foundation(Dior Air Serum), blush (Coco Chanel Malice) and lipstick (Mac Pink Pigeon) and quickly run hair straighteners.

🥑7am: Eat breakfast (today it is avocado on gluten-free toast) and listen to the news on my Amazon Fire TV stick

🏎️ 730am: Jump in the car while listening to some Punjabi music (Current Favourite: Mankirt Aulakh)

🖥️8am: Arrive at work, turn on my computer, check Asana, check Google Analytics for yesterday’s sales, website traffic and cart abandonment. Then check emails and formulate an immediate promotion if sales are heading downwards for this month’s target.

👥9am: Meet the team, discuss sales so far, gather customer feedback,  determine a voucher campaign, ask where everyone is with their tasks on Asana, follow up on the progress on the new Magento store.

👩‍💻10am: Get my head down and start working on my task for the day which includes a project outline Google Chrome plugin design and push notifications on browsers.

A day in the life of an ecomece mnager

🍱1pm: Head out to lunch, record a podcast for my personal channel that I am starting and grab a bite to eat at Tea leaf and coffee bean

👨‍💻230pm: Catch up with the directors, update them on progress and looming deadlines. Make small talk about the latest episode of billions

👀3pm: Check all rankings on Moz. View Session Cam and make notes for next month’s webiste amends required.

📗4pm: Write a report on improving conversions, carry out price analysis and view list of things to do for tomorrow.

🏠5pm: Head home, make a cup of tea and shower

🍽️6pm: Make dinner, today it is Greek-style stuffed Aubergine with lemon rice and some roast potatoes. Eat dinner with the rest of the family.

📺8pm: Watch an episode of Younger then work on my personal blog. Think about plans to run the world. Giggles

📱10pm: Catch up with friends and sleep by 11pm. I use the pillow app

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