A day in the life of Marathon Runner and Full-Time Buyer Susan Sutherland {in Emojis}

Training for marathons and triathlons during peak weeks is hard, especially when you work full time. Currently, I am on the calm side of training, big races for 2018 are done and the focus now is maintaining and building a good base before starting up the training again in October for what 2019 holds!

To link with this, I have started a new job – a new job is always hard going, and thankfully I started this after peak training was done! The learning of new products, learning new faces and being involved in a new corporation is hard going and should never be underestimated. I started my new job 6 weeks ago, and I love it! But I have struggled to maintain my general training routines because of fatigue. And you know what? It’s ok. Sometimes you need to listen to your body. Refresh, re-energise and refuel.

Here is a day in my current lifestyle where I have managed to get in training! 

A day in the life of Marathon Runner & Full Time Buyer


😾530am – let the cat out 

🔨615am – first alarm goes off

⏰620am – second alarm goes off

💣630am – third and final alarm…. I either get up and run now or it doesn’t happen today, the sunshine outside makes it difficult to not get up!

🏃645am – start my Garmin, 40mins intervals here I come before breakfast!!

🚿735am – shower

💁750am – green smooth and chat with husband (since I won’t see him for dinner)

🚗830am – leave for work

💻850am – load up the laptop

📰10am – morning production meeting

🎤1pm – management presentation 

💃130pm – lunchtime!

🙈140pm – email coach back to explain why I haven’t swum or biked as I was planned too over the last week!

👀3pm – presentation to the leadership team

🚉530pm – leave office to go for work dinner

📱6pm – call the husband to discuss the new carpets we are getting in the new house and all other uninteresting things that need to get done before we can move in!

🍽7pm – socialising and eating with work 

😴1130pm – finally in bed 

Yes, I forced. myself to get up the next morning for a quick run! 

The objective of this series is to provide an insight to our readers on the real routines of people who work in a variety of different jobs. Share your routine with our readers

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