A guide to Affordable Indian Fashion! ~ Manali Debroy

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them

-Marc Jacobs

Starting with this quote from Marc Jacobs, I hope fashion makes more sense intangibly to everyone than its tangible appeal. In that same vein, I believe there is only one activity that can satisfyingly mend your heart and pick you up from a breakup or any disheartened moment of your life – that is SHOPPING!! But many a times, we are baffled and end up buying extravagant, burning a hole in our pocket and disturbing the whole monthly budget. We tend to go shopping in the mall and end up buying similar looking styles from those brand outlets, spending 10 grands yet returning unsatisfied. On the contrary, that amount of money could buy affordable designer labels fetching unique fashionable styles at a relatively reasonable price. For example, when you spend 10 grand to purchase 20 things from a shopping mall – clueless at the end with the styles and the budget, you could rather spend that same money buying 3 different styles from the labels. That will not only give you satisfaction of brow-rising compliments, but will also save your time and money.

Against this backdrop, let’s talk about eight affordable designer labels that have unique designs, custom request, online deliveries plus outstanding exchange services and most importantly they offer designs at reasonable price.

1. The Label Life

The first on my list is The Label Life, which quickly became favourites amongst the corporate women. The brand has Malaika Arora, Bipasha Basu and Suzanne Khan as their stylists, which definitely makes a shopper to at least go visit their site. They offer products from fashion to lifestyle, all at one place. Recently, they have also opened their stores, but I think shopping online is also very convenient as they run lot of offers, like, hourly sales on a kind of categories (e.g., skirts on sales, dresses on sales, shoes, etc), Sunday surprise, and many more impromptu surprise offers. Moreover, the brand’s promise of quality and customer satisfaction, makes it more popular. One thing that really hooks a customer to the brand is how much they value the customer, and they do it one hundred percent, even when they do not have a piece in their stock and they have to re-make that one piece for a customer, as the order has already been placed. For me as a customer, that adds brownie points. On a sale day you will get many of their popular styles under INR 2000. Shop here.

2. Maga

This is a growing brand and they intend to braid sustainability and glamour for the modern spirit, that deserves to wear an identity and not just fabric. Their intention of ‘fashion with a cause’ is really inspiring. They are against fashion pollution and all of their products are environment friendly, i.e., created out of thrown away fabric. A lot of fabric is left out in factories that are usable and good quality, which they collect and convert them into dresses with embroideries and silhouette. Their garden dress collection is simple, everyday fashion and very affordable. You can get organza, tier dresses in under INR 3000. My personal favourite is the tier dress in bottle green and grey garden dress. Shop on their Instagram and directly contact them.

3. All about you by Deepika Padukone

A brand that is created by a self-made woman, with a motto to celebrate womanhood. This brand literally inspires women to celebrate themselves each day and their collections are also very much inspired by their thoughts. This is a very affordable brand, with a huge collection to choose from – floral designs, metallic hues, polka dots, velvet desires and many other prints and styles. The range is very affordable (under INR 2000) and you can pretty unique styles that fir your personality and body comfortably. I personally love their print style dresses and shirts. They really look very different and make you stand out. Shop here.

4. Suta

Let’s talk about the drape style designs that we as Indians are really proud of and flaunt around the world. No points for guessing, it is indeed the ultra beautiful and super sultry clothing ‘The Saree’. The option of sarees in Suta.in are not just for the traditional women, but for the fashionable, trendy and a corporate woman like you and me. They have vivid and wide range of saree collection like Pride Month, Unicorn, Summer Breakfast, etc. The newly launched collection is the Independent Sarees, that carry the theme of our 72nd Independence day that we will celebrate on 15th August, 2019. My personal favourite is their Ruffle saree collection, amongst which I love Green chilli and Sindhoor Khela the most. For the very traditional you, they also offer Jamdani, Silk sarees. Do not forget to check their Handloom saree collection, they’re a steal! Shop here.

5. Bunaai

Let’s continue the traditional Indian design wears a little more. In this section, I love Bunaai – trendy traditional wears, uptown Indian dresses and also a collection of western wear. They offer all under one platform. Mostly, their western wears are simple yet chic, and, their Indian wears have a lot of designs to offer. Including the traditional wears like lehengas, kurtas, etc., even their dresses are carefully made that speaks a lot about comfort, tradition, yet keeping the trendiness in check. If you are looking for the next wear on those wedding cocktail parties, or just for a comfortable and strolling holiday, check out Bunaai dresses. Shop here.

6. AND

House of Anita Dongre, simply known as AND, is a very affordable designer label brand. You can instantly look like a celebrity and yet casually be the mango people (aam-janta) all at the same time, while wearing a AND dress. From knee lengths to gowns to off-shoulders, shirt dress, jumpsuits, bags and shoes, they offer wide range of products. Their #ANDirise and #ANDimpact initiatives make them unique against other labels. The stories of women achievers’ that they bring out with these initiatives, makes it even more relatable. Women feel a sense of belonging to this brand, which is something that they have created purely out of their stories and designs that are not for just one type of body, but for all, because each woman is worth it. Shop here.

7. Angrakhaa

A simple casual outfit or a friend’s sangeet wear, Angrakhaa won’t disappoint you. The subtle hues and simplicity of this brand catches the eye. One of the best part is that you can even make a custom outfit for you, if you think the size chart doesn’t do justice. They are still growing and have also come up with their saree collection, which is very refreshing and the prints are very feminine. Shop here or check their Instagram account.

8. Nicobar

It is another contemporary Indian fashion brand offering clothing, accessories and home furnishing. As they say, every brand has a philosophy and a motto to start with, and I love theirs – Journey across the Indian Ocean. Inspired by natural design and materials, very much influenced by the Indian culture, they create products that are destined to last and not just any trend-driven brand. Having said that, the band of price range is very wide, and you can find products as per your taste and preference. They have studios in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, but do offer online shopping and deliveries as well. Shop here.