“If You Educate a Women, You Educate a Nation”


Education plays a very important role in the life of human beings. It is the fundamental right and every human must be educated irrespective of the gender. ”Education to All” should be the main agenda and should be promoting the same in the society. Educating a woman means educating the Family , Nation, and Society. Famous proverb “ If  you educate a boy then only single family is benefited and if you educate a girl/ woman then two families will be benefited”.  

Education is turning point of women empowerment because it enables them to respond to the challenges, to confront their traditional role and to change their life . As we know education is a foundation stone for the empowerment of women.  


Education of women will be the most powerful tool to change the position of women in society. “ Women empowered means Mother India empowered”. 

As we know, No country has yet achieved full gender equality and women across the world continue to suffer from discrimination and unequal rights and opportunities. 

“An equal world is a better world”, empowering women is the most effective way to reduce fertility rates and achieve a sustainable population size that respects the limits of earth’s carrying capacity. 

The education of girls and women is important, not only as a matter of respecting a basic human rights for half of the population, but as a powerful force for economic development and achieving other social goals such as improved health, and civic involvement. Education will always play a major role in the protection of women and their rights. An educate women will be having skills, information , talent and self confidence that will make her a better mother, an employee and a resident of her country. 

Context of the paper 

The main factor of writing paper is that “Women as educator’s will give you” :- 

  1. Better Education for children, educated women can provide better Education to their children.
  1. Economic development and prosperity, depends upon their citizens. Hence, the development of entire Nation depends to make our woman educated as well. 
  1. Economic empowerment of women/girls, makes a women/girl independent and confident. 
  1. A healthy life of the family, an educated woman understands the importance of hygiene and health. 
  1. Quick skills learning, an Educated woman can learn things quickly and easily. 
  1. Improve poverty, educated woman lightens poverty, will also get better job opportunities. 
  1. Fight for justice, the Education of woman helps in the understanding of various rights and the right of justice is one of them . 
  1. Upgrade the thinking level of the females, Education also broadens the thinking level of the females. 

Research methodology 

“Case Study”  


The right to education is a human right, and eliminating illiteracy, ensuring equal access to education to all and closing the gender gap at all levels of Education and opportunities will empower women and girls and thereby contributes to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls. As much as women are more knowledgeable and educated, they can become better teachers and trainers. An educated mother can help the country in the sense that she can produce good citizens to the nation. 

Literacy is among one of the important element of human development. So, all girls of today are mother’s of tomorrow. The role played by women in building up a nation is beyond dispute.


The barriers that makes harder for a woman to reach on that development goal which every female dreams and wishes about, some hurdles I would like to point here is :- 

  1. Social and cultural factors, expect their daughters to help at home with cleaning, cooking, taking care of siblings and family farms. 
  1. Early marriage, and pregnancy for girls they are asked to marry as children at times well under the age of 18 often without choice or consent  
  1. The opportunity cost of school, for many families especially who are poor , the cost of sending a daughter to a school seems like an extra burden . 
  1. Lack of separate toilets for girls, still 20 percent of girls miss out their school days due to menstruation cycle. 
  1. Poverty, if there is not enough food or sufficient clean water to keep girls nourished and healthy, they may not be well enough to attend school. 
  1. Scarcity of lady teacher, lack of qualified female teachers. 
  1. Gender based violence, it lowers their participation and achievements, and increases absenteeism and dropout rates . 
  1. Sexual harassment, truly exploits a female completely and which results into a suicide. 

Constitution of India, not only grants equality to women but it also empowers the state to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of  women for neutralizing the social, economic, Education and political disadvantages faced by them. Articles – 14, 15, 15(3), 16, 39(a), 39(b), 39(c) ,42 of Constitution of India are of specific importance on this topic.


  1. Collaborative effort can be made by the government, NGO’S , CBO’S , and human rights  organization’s and groups.
  1. Need to improve on the proximity of schools to villages.
  1. Provision of basic learning facilities in schools till the age of 14 for free of cost.
  1. Need for improved advocacy on the need for girl child education.
  1. Need well trained teachers.
  1. Providing educational scope for women.
  1. Curriculum will be same for boys and girls.
  1. Women Education should be considered as the special issue for a long time.
  1. To achieve new aims of Education, changes in the methods of teaching will be suggested that what will be the best.
  1. Women should be encouraged to learn and get skilled in every field of their interest.
  1. Development for leadership qualities for women will be introduced. 


Women are essential elements of both our family and society. They bring discipline and dignity in every area they work upon. Women look after their home and make sure that a healthy environment prevails in her family. Women has proved themselves that they can also get independent and work their way out in this male dominated world. 

“Women as educator’s, Education is one thing that no one can take away from you”…..