A New Year With The Same Old You By Kriti Sinha

Every time towards the year-end new resolutions are made, bucket lists are prepared and with a hopeful attitude the new year is looked forward to. The positivity and the festive spirit with which everyone enters the new year is refreshing as well as a little annoying at times.

But as it is the case with a majority of people and this is something that even I can relate to, that most of the new year resolutions aren’t followed up with as time passes and we get busy with our lives and the much-needed changes that we thought we would incorporate in our lives are left unattended and a lot of times because of that we are often hard on ourselves.

Over the span of years, I have realized that it is okay if you don’t follow up with all the resolutions and changes because it is not something that happens overnight or even in a year. Life isn’t perfect and neither are you. We are always running after changes and in between that we forget to appreciate ourselves and the moment that we are in. Looking at the life lessons from the year 2020, and considering how hard it had been for each one of us either physically, mentally or financially, it’s important to understand that it’s okay to just live as you are and not be hard on oneself because changes are not something that happen over the span of one year rather it is a slow process that happens over time. 

There is nothing wrong with making changes and looking forward to the new you as most people do every year but it is necessary to understand that one shouldn’t lose themselves and their essence in the race of making those changes. With thousands of videos and social media posts popping up with everyone talking about the changes they are looking forward to in the next year, don’t lose yourself and don’t feel bad in that race because everything on Instagram and Facebook isn’t reality. Make changes but don’t be hard on yourself in that process. It’s okay to be the same old you in the new year.