How to Choose Jewellery for a Party by Renu Choudhary

With the year 2018 drawing to a close, it’s time to bring out those party outfits and the jewellery!!

But well, Isn’t choosing a piece of perfect jewellery as challenging, as picking out the perfect outfit? If you spend more 30 mins of your time, in your closet choosing what to wear and still need to choose your jewellery? This article is just for you !!! It is very important to choose your jewellery depending on the occasion of the party along with the pattern and colour of your outfits.

You may find a variety of different styles, designs of jewellery, however, there should be a list with you, when you plan to shop for essential jewellery that will go well with every type of party and occasion. So, here is the most sorted guide for every woman who wishes to look beautifully adorned!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Unsure of how to coordinate jewellery with your outfit? Opt for a pair of diamond solitaires. They are always a perfect gemstone to be adorned for any occasion. Simple, classy very elegant. Team your diamond bracelet, necklace or a pendant with your LBD, and you are sure to turn many heads around !!

Earrings: Women should never go without earrings. Use statement earrings that highlight your face like the big earrings, big hoops! Your selection of dress may be on point, but if you want to make your face the highlight, then select a pair of earrings that are cool, stylish and classy. You can pair them up with Indo-Western gowns, long kurtas and culottes, long skirts and crop tops, pretty much anything that you want.

Ear cuff:These are considered to be the latest addition in the world of jewellery for women, they are earrings that go all the way up to your ears. Set the trend with an exclusive ear cuff matching your stylish outfit. You can choose to style them, the way you like it, wear them on one ear or both . the look of the ear cuff adorned is edgy and asymmetrical. Creating an instant classic rock chick look!!

Necklace: Necklaces may have been one of the earliest types of adornment worn. If the big chunky necklace is not your style, well, its time to pull them out! This season, chunky jewellery is back! Be it chokers or gemstone studded necklace. Wear these with low neck or wide cut blouses, tank or halter tops. Not to forget, the layered necklace is also a big come back this season, you can wear at least 3 necklaces at a time, play with the length of the necklace complimenting the outfit! Pendant necklace is also a hot favourite look, keeping your attire elegant and chic!

Brooch: They can single-handedly steal the show!! You can pin up the brooch absolutely anywhere that pleases you. Drape a lovely scarf around your neck and pin it up with a beautiful brooch, or simply place a brooch on your jacket or a top.

Style tip: though one can wear a brooch either on the left or the right side of the jacket, it is however suggested to wear it on the LEFT side because that where the eyes go when shaking hands.

Statement Ring If you aren’t much of a jewellery person and believe less is more, then, a statement ring is all you need. You can opt for 2 finger ring, 3 finger ring, or even a Hand Harness which consist of a bracelet attached to a ring via a chain, adorning most part of your backhand.The beauty of big chunky rings is, that it’s an easy way to establish your distinct identity and can be paired up with salwar suits, sarees, lehengas, gowns, and absolutely anything.

Stacked bangles Jewellery stacking of all kinds has gained a strong following, such as wearing lots of bangles together Stacking bangles is an easy way to give old pieces a new lease. Mix and stack the bangles of different metals, texture, gems stone, and voila you are ready for your party!

Style tip: wear the stack bangles on a short sleeve top!

Bracelet and Bracelet watch: If stacked bangles are not your style, you can choose to wear the Bracelet. Wear a diamond solitaire bracelet, gemstone bracelet depending on the color of your outfit Bracelets can also be made multifunctional with the addition of a watch. Wear a gemstone studded dial along with a metal strap and make your time worthwhile at the party!

These were a few tips to be a party- ready with the right styling of jewelry, though there’s a lot of knowledge and insight required to choose jewelry for your party. Fortunately, now you have some real tips to perfect your look.
Woman deserve all the love and pampering. It’s time to unveil your hidden colors by decorating your beautiful body with beautiful jewels!!!

Shine bright by accessorizing right!

Lets keep the following points in mind before choosing our jewellery :

  1. Always choose a piece of jewellery depending on your outfit’s colour and pattern. The material of the outfit should be taken into consideration. If the wardrobe has heavily stitched or ruffled fabric, or a busy print, ornate jewellery can come off just very tacky.
  2. Take into account the shape of your face and which pair will do the most to bring out the facial differences that make you you.
  3. Jewellery and Skin Tone: Jewellery shouldn’t just go with your outfit. Women who win at accessorizing these days know how to highlight their skin tones with their jewellery. Silver is a standard metal that illuminates most natural tones. Gold goes especially well with darker hair and matte skin. Cooler skin tones go well with gems that are red, purple and blue. Also, white gold is an excellent choice of metal for cooler skin tones. Warmer skin tones pair nicely with yellow, orange and green gemstones in addition to yellow metals.
  4. Warm and Cool Colours: Rubies, canary diamonds, and amber gems make a statement by themselves. These colours are fiery and ambitious and look great over black and white. But did you think you could pair them with their opposite colours? Warm gemstones pair nicely with plain blue or purple material. For instance, a set of rubies on top of a royal blue top completes the look with a bold statement.
  5. Mix cool jewellery with Warm Colours: There’s a science behind matching up colours in fashion. Many stylists refer to the colour wheel for inspiration. The colour wheel will tell you that as warm and cool shades blend one way, they also blend in the opposite. Deep green and dark blue gemstones pop against a yellow or orange dress. Striking the balance between cool and warm colours is basically what accessorizing is all about. Try to coordinate jewellery and outfits to be the prettiest “opposites attract” example out there.
  6. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: That’s not something new. Diamonds have been fixed in jewellery since they were first discovered by people thousands of years ago. And there’s a good reason they’ve been such popular gems for so long: the diamond goes with anything!
  7. White Pearls and Sea Coloured Clothes: You can’t quarry pearls from a rock. Instead, specialists dive for oysters or cultivate their own pearls in a simulated environment. It should come to no shock, then, that pearls especially compliment those shades of colours found in the sea. From aqua and deep blues to greens and stormy greys, these sea gems pair best with various shades of ocean water.
  8. Gold, Black and White: Make sure to coordinate jewellery that’s black or gold, simple and powerful statements in themselves, with simple and classic attire. That perfect little black cocktail dress will do well with bright gold jewellery or onyx gemstones. A simple, plain dress (such as a flat black or white dress) showcases black gems and gold metal like an Art Deco muse. Daisy Buchanan will have nothing on you.
  9. Match Spring/Summer Attire with Cool Colours: The bright airiness and freshness of spring and summer clothes look great with cool, natural colours. Try gemstones like blue topaz or green peridot against soft and neutral fabrics or patterns. Turn your outfit into something inspired straight from nature by mixing naturally-paired colours together.
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