A Sad Sombre Love Day by Ravneet Sangha

A few days ago , we had the worst massacre on Indian soil by a terrorist group that infamously claimed it as their handiwork .And , then hell broke loose on both sides of the border . We have warmongers baying for blood on both sides . Instead of recognising what the problem is the politicians on both sides are using inciting, hateful languages just to show who has the bigger balls and the wider chests , both our social media has got polluted with hate statements and trying to score a goal on one other and to get the maximum likes by their followers.

As, the days go by , no one wants to deal with the real problem , all we hear are challenging statements, inciting each other to war and to take revenge. Twitter on the day it happened went crazy with hate lines mocking and making fun of one of the famous lines How’s th josh ? .

Terrorism is a heinous , hateful act of cowardice against humanity and it’s occurred on both sides of the border and we have all faced it, be it Peshawar and now Pulwama. Did we make fun , mock or incite? It was devastating, so many innocent lives lost without any reason and families destroyed . It strikes deep and never does the chasm fill . All we want is that the terrorist group which is residing in Bahawalpur be brought to justice. A terrorist who is thumping his chest and claiming the killing in the war to free our state ie Kashmir is residing on your soil and you want us to give you proof. I thought you all were looking towards a Naya Pakistan , a newer soch , you all claim to have changed your mindset and want development and progress and prosperity for your country that has been ravaged by problems aplenty.

So , why not cooperate ? Why not jointly help us ? Why not extradite ?

Why not bring him to justice?

Why do we use delay tactics? I have a best friend living in Lahore and we text , message daily , it doesn’t mean all Pakistanis are bad or that they hate us , or Muslims are bad ; we have a larger population of Muslims than them. It’s time that Imran Khan walks the talk, he delayed giving a statement as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was there but now if he looks for proof , we can give them .

If that is all there it is , lets give it to him and lets see what he does. I eagerly wait the day when he is a Sacha Mussalman and helps us . Right now , soldiers and their families are bleeding and crying as all is lost , the future looks bleak. The country is united and we are all looking for answers , and instead of blaming each other and mocking and being childish , lets all rise above this and look for a joint answer , that is not war , nor is it making childish , inciteful stateemnts .

It’s a grave, sad moment in our lives and when we are witness to such heinous crimes and history will judge us if we didn’t act accordingly and stop this hate. Indians also bleed red, just as Pakistanis do ; so end this without succumbing to destroying each other .

Ravneet Sangha