ABC of designing a mood-board for your social media pages By Roshni Thakur, Co-Founder,Studio Click

To establish the identity of a brand; the one foundation step that helps to streamline all the ideas, imagery, visualize appeal and overall vibe of the platform, is the mood board. Mood
boards enable you to analyze and see potential design styles for brands’ social media. It is such a visual tool that helps one to safe time and potentially guides one through the design at
hand as inspiration and references. Inspiration for your mood board can come from virtually anywhere, but the arrangement is supposed to be evoked as a specific style and concept.
There are a few points that you must keep in mind while designing a mood board that will set the right tone of your brand.

 Look at the bigger picture

Use images that tie together to convey your brand’s message through the bigger picture. Review your concept and extract the ideas, colour palette, text, image ratio, and target messaging around the set mood-board. This will help guide you through, plan daily & weekly content keeping the narrative tightly knit.
Choosing your colour palette before pulling images is imperative, it helps visually tie everything together. Use textures, colour swatches, vintage images, mood images,
inspirational quotes, or even words that describe your brand and the emotion behind it.

Aim for your target

First thing first, ‘define your target audience’!  Are they teenagers or adults? Married or single? Men or women? Keeping them in mind, think about what they would like to see or what they find appealing? Set the tone of your design like that. It helps one understand the heartbeat of the concept/business. Competitor analysis (who’s already reaching to them) and market research (what is currently out there) also helps to a great extent designing a unique and exceptional framework.

Consistency is Key

Always stay focused on what your message is, only include imagery that you think is relevant to the message you are trying to convey. Map out the aesthetic and vision for your
brand/platform and be consistent in your theme, colour palette, light photography, bold colours, and your brand’s language.
 Keeping these points in mind will make sure your social media pages and other visual platforms are impactful, memorable and have a lasting impression on your target audience.
Research typography, photography, logos, colouring, etc. to create an aesthetically pleasing mood board that fits your brand goals and showcase your vision.