Young India’s steps towards a bright future- Education for all ~ Bushra Satkhed

Education, at its core, holds utmost importance in one’s life. Education encompasses every single lesson that we learn from our surrounding, which results in shaping our character. It is a critical factor that will help India move forward. The sector of education has been the worst hit around the world due to the corona virus pandemic with students having no choice but to attend online classes to secure their future. Education institutions across India are temporarily closed for combating the spread of COVID-19 virus, exams have been repeatedly postponed, results delayed and studies compromised. While the disruption in education affects all students, many cities have managements that ensured learning to continue online; however the real challenge remains with children from rural areas, the vulnerable and those who belong to underprivileged families as they are far more adversely affected. 

Prangan Foundation, a Dombivli based non-profit organization believes this to be a matter of great concern that needs immediate attention. Established in 2018, the organization aims to raise awareness about the struggles of children belonging to poverty-struck families and the need to provide education for such lesser privileged students of the country. They aim to make a subtle positive difference in the world by providing education and creating awareness that ensures every child’s holistic development, placing their focus on imparting knowledge of English language to children belonging to lower socio-economic backgrounds of the society.  They run successful projects like the ‘Project Chanchalmann’ which started on 2nd October, 2018 with hundred educators and 74 children at present. Another one of their works includes a virtual library project calledPrangan’s library’ which was initiated on 1st January 2020 that aims to bring back the long-lost habit of reading. Their 2025 vision is to impact one million lives and bring constructive change. They also organize tribal school visits, charity treks and many more activities such as donating close to 1000 sanitary napkins to promote the importance of intimate hygiene. Their efforts have been recognized by organizations as they recently received the ‘Guide Star India Transparency Key’ award for 2020.

Prangan Foundation had to stop their sessions, a week prior to the nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure. Without a concrete plan in hand, there was a wave of doubt for the NGO’s workers on how to continue their initiatives as they were unsure if their kids had the required technical aid. The foundation decided to conduct its very first mobile donation drive providing mobiles to the kids who didn’t have one while donors and supporters stepped forward to help kids struggling to afford internet packages. This helped them successfully began the new academic year on watsapp via watsapp video call classes. 

Mainstream media steps back when it comes to such important issues and initiatives as it does not grab the attention of people as much as other sensationalizing topics do. However, it is important for us, as consumers of media and common people to understand what is right and needed in our society. The work of Prangan Foundation is an inspiration for us to work for the benefit of others, no matter what our situation may be. There’s always a way, a small act or step we can take on our part to help someone, no matter what the challenges are. Prangan Foundation invites people to support their cause, with whatever they are capable of giving- time, effort or money by volunteering in their programs to teach kids as educators or donate funds for their cause. Prangan is a youth-run organization which believes that the potential and energy of young India has immense power to accept and initiate change. Therefore, it is our duty as the future generation of our country to realize our strength and work towards the betterment and bright future of our nation.